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In order to attach a stylish pendant light to the kitchen, I converted "screw-in lamp socket" into "hook sealing rosette"

2020, 8, 15,

Are you satisfied with your home lamp lighting? I'm Yuya who likes DIY.

This time, I converted the lamp socket of the kitchen into a ceiling rosette and replaced it with a pendant light, so I will introduce how to do it!

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Lamp socket in the kitchen and pendant light you want to attach

Recently, the kitchen light of my wife's mom friend's house was a stylish pendant light, so I talked about making my house fashionable without losing. However, the ceiling of our kitchen had only a lamp socket for screw-in bulbs, and in order to turn on the pendant light, it was necessary to convert it to a ceiling rosette.

This time, the lamp of the kitchen that I thought to change

The lamp socket used in general households is two types of lamps sockets, E17 mouth with a diameter of 17 mm and E26 mouth of 26 mm, but this time it was E26 type. As you can see from the photo above, you can see that there is quite a depth. And the pendant light I was trying to put on this is the next Nitori product. Because the product of this place attaches it with a hook sealing rosette, it cannot be used with the screw-in lamp socket if it does not convert.

Materials prepared to turn on pendant lights on light bulb sockets

In, we prepared the following three products to convert the light bulb socket to a hook sealing rosette. From left to right, it is (1) mouth extension adapter, (2) sepala body, (3) hook sealing adapter.

How to install the conversion connector

By connecting the prepared (1) to (3) as follows, it can be connected to the connector connecting the pendant light.

When I installed the pendant light in this way, I was able to wear it with a good feeling!

I was a little too eyed, so I wonder if I'll change the light bulb (; ^ω^)


If you implement the method introduced this time, you can install pendant lights and ceiling lights even in places where there is only a "screw-in lamp socket" for light bulbs, and you can make the light fashionable! Because it is possible to do easily without construction, please try it if you are worried! That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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