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Be careful when making lego debuts for infants

2021, 10, 5,

Have you ever played with Lego?

Recently, I researched various things to let my child play with Lego and bought it, but this time I will introduce what I found out in this!

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Lego is cheaper on Amazon than Toys"S us?

LEGO is a toy that can demonstrate imagination and creativity considerably, and it is a place where even adults can immerse themselves, so it can be said that it is a toy that you can go out with for many years to come. Although I knew the high potential of LEGO as an educational toy, I didn't know when to make it debut, but when I examined it, I found out that the Duplo series can be played from the age of one and a half. How this Duplo differs from ordinary LEGO bricks (classics), it is a large size that prevents accidental ingestion, and the corners of the blocks are made round, so it does not hurt much even if you step on it or fall on the block. When I went to Toys"S us to see the actual thing and was looking for which one to buy, it became a story that the next product seems to be good with a box.

At the time of writing this article, I found that Amazon was cheaper (¥5,290). I decided to buy it on Amazon.

Amazon also changes the price every day, so it is a good feeling to buy it at a cheap time

Does the foundation of the classic support Duplo?

I immediately tried to buy it on Amazon, but if it was only the purchased product, there were few blocks in the box, so I attached a block, and in addition, I decided to buy a pedestal that said the base and stabbed LEGO bricks.

I accidentally bought a base for a classic version (regular version) that is not duplo. So, when I checked to see if the classic version had only a small hole, and maybe I could sting a Duplo block, I found a report that it was compatible. The report said classic blocks don't stick to the base of Duplo, but Duplo's blocks are addicted to the base of the classic. If this information is true, I will buy classic blocks in the future, so I decided to start using it as a base for classics. So, when I started using it, I found out that Duploblock is certainly addicted to the base, but blocks with large area were not addicted to classical foundations. Well, I think that it is good because the block with a large area becomes independent by itself.

Does Brickit support Duplo?

When I bought it and played for a while, Mama found an app called Brickit of i-OS. If you use this app to watch LEGO blocks, they will tell you what shapes you can make with them.

Brickit App

Brickit App

Brickit LLC Free Posted with Appich

It seems interesting, so I tried it, but unfortunately I got an error message saying that it did not correspond to Duplo (; ́, ω, )



Summary (be careful when debuting LEGO for infants)

  1. If you want your child to make their LEGO brick debut, you can play with Duplo from the age of one and a half
  2. It is recommended to buy a base when buying, but I'm sure you'll buy the Duplo version
  3. Unfortunately, the app Brickit does not support Duplo
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