Recommended reading on the Kindle

2018, 9, 13,

Are you a person who wants to read on paper?I almost didn't buy the paper version and recently became a Kindle school. This is because reading becomes very convenient when you use the Kindle.

If you haven't used Kindle yet, I don't know why kindle is useful, so this time I'm going to introduce the convenience of Kindle. If you read this article, you will want to use Kindle.

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Books are available during business hours Bulky things to look for in bookstores and libraries

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Recommended for such a person

  • Those who still don't have a thing using Kindle
  • Those who have never read much

Recommended reading on the Kindle

The greatness of knowledge gained through reading

It can be said that the book is the essence of what the author experienced over a large amount of years and summarized what he had gained by thinking. Reading is a great tool that allows you to get things that the author has derived over the years in a fraction of the time! When I was in high school, I learned about this thing and was drawn into reading. Reading habits had decreased a bit from college until recently, but were rekindled by the Kindle.

Why kindle is the place to go

You can buy it easily!

What's useful about kindle is that you can read books right away when you want to read them without going to the bookstore. It is one of the pleasures to look for books at bookstores, but you can feel the pleasure of being able to handle time effectively!

You can save important areas by shading them as highlights

Are you writing in a book while reading a book? Collectors may not write first, but writing is very effective in absorbing the knowledge of books. Kindle can highlight and save where you think it's important, or you can leave your own notes there. And you can browse through the areas you've highlighted later.

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Highlight output

In addition, it has a function to output the highlights attached here. Since this function is convenient for organizing the noticed and knowledge gained in the book, I try to output it to Onenote, which is an organizing medium.

You can listen.

In addition,with the Kindle, it is possible to read out character information by using the text-to-speech function provided with the smartphone. I've only tried it on Android, but you can read it aloud using TalkBack.

I feel that listening to books while driving and cooking is also making effective use of time, and I am happy. I don't get into my head too much (laughs) Also, if you have an Amazon Echo, you can have Echo read it aloud! This is easier than reading from a smartphone.

Books are cheap

Kindle has a lower publishing cost than paper books, so most books are cheaper than paper editions, and you may be able to read it at 30% OFF or even discounted! Amazon is on a regular bargain sale, so it is good to search for books you are interested in at that time and buy them in bulk.


You might also want to make a good idea of unlimited kindle. There is a limit of 10 books that can be stocked at a time, but at 980 / month, unlimited reading of unlimited books! I think that it is advantageous because there are comparatively a lot of publications! !

Whether to use PaperWhite

The Kindle has a dedicated terminal called PaperWhite on sale to read Kindle books. Among Kindle users, the pros and cons are separated whether or not to use this PaperWhite, but I will introduce the impression that I personally used.

Advantages of using PaperWhite

PaperWhite can reproduce the feeling close to paper, such as the condition of the publication of light, so you can read so as not to get tired of your eyes. In addition,PaperWhite is a dedicated housing for browsing Kindle, and since there are not many apps like a smartphone, there is no thing that reading is hindered by notification.

The reading enclosure may not be Kindle

However, you don't necessarily need to use a BetterWhite when reading Kindle books. Apps that allow you to read Kindle books on Android, iOS, Windows and various operating systems have been released, so you can browse in any environment. I bought a BetterWhite, but personally I prefer smartphones because the highlight function introduced earlier is easy to use.


I've introduced the convenience of kindle, but how was it? Did you feel like using a Kindle? Summarizes.

Summary notes

  • Reading is a magic tool that allows you to absorb the essence of the author over the years in a matter of hours
  • With a Kindle, you can read when you want to read
  • With PaperWhite, it has a paper-like texture and no notifications, so you can concentrate on reading
  • Kindle books can be viewed on various operating systems, so you don't necessarily need a BetterWhite
  • The highlight function is very useful, and the smartphone app is convenient when using this function

Read a book on Kindle and get a good life by absorbing a lot of useful knowledge from your predecessors!



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