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Report of "Kinder Platz" a children's playground in Koshigaya Lake Town

2021, 11, 3,

I want my kids to play as much as they want in a fun playground!

With that in mind, I went to "Kinder Platz" in Koshigaya Lake Town to develop a playground for children, so I would like to report on my impressions.

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How to get to Kinder Platz in Koshigaya Lake Town

First of all, how to get to Koshigaya Lake Town, but Koshigaya Lake town station on the JR Musashino Line is direct, so I think that it is good to access it from here.

Kinder Platz is located on the ground floor of the Kaze area of Koshigaya Lake Town. Among the stores in Koshigaya Lake Town, it is close to the station, but it takes about 5 to 10 minutes on foot from the station to get here.

Introducing Kinder Platz

"Kinder Platz" is a playground with a slightly lower target age compared to "Play Park PLUS" in Koshigaya Lake Town.

Introduction of the concept

Here's a quote from the official website about the Kinder Platz concept.

Parents and children can enjoy playing in the "space with the theme of a picture book forest".

The space that cherishes the warmth of wood is like a picture book world. In a calm space, parents and children can enjoy playing together.

There are many toys and playground equipment that are unique to this place, and there are staff who create opportunities for children's awareness and interest.

While having fun, we naturally foster the creativity and independence of children.

Quote:【Official】Label Hall Kinder Platz

As quoted, all of the toy materials were made of wood, and it was a warm space.

Introduction of facilities

Kinder Platz is divided into six corners:

I stayed for a short stay of less than 30 minutes, so I couldn't use all the places, but I'll show you only the places I've used with photos.

Boken-no-Shima (Infant-only Corner)

It is a corner mainly for infants.

It was characteristic that there were toys that even infants can play with, including playground equipment that can sleep and play on their backs.

The wall of the stairs at the back of the photo had a round window, and we could look out from the inside.

In addition, the round gimmick attached to the wall made a sound when turning.

I couldn't take pictures, but there's also a small ball pool.

Ball Pool Corner (Fruit Tree House)

This is the recommended corner for children 3 years and older. As you can see when I use it, the slope of the wooden stairs to face the slide was large, and my 1 year and 9-month-old child could not rise, and she was a little scared.

On the wall of this corner, you can play by rolling the ball like a "Pythagora switch", and it was fun for me as an adult to see the ball pass through it.

Nobi Nobi Erappa (Exercise Play Corner)

Play Town (Theme Play Corner)

In the town of play, I was able to play with magnets and type saddle toys.

The wall is a magnet, and you can play by attracting the block.

In type saddle play, you can learn colors and shapes.

Other facilities

Mori's studio (workshop corner) and picture book corner (Ohanashi-no-Hiroba) were not used.

Congestion situation

The time we used was less than 30 minutes from 10:44 to 11:10, but it was not very crowded.

Compared to Play Park PLUS, it felt like it was vacant.


I did not use it this time, but it seems that workshops are held on weekdays.

How to use Kinder Platz

When using it, it is natural in the time of corona disaster, but temperature measurement and disinfection are necessary.

The amount (tax included) is also in the photo above, but as follows.

It is a good feeling that the extension fee does not cost for the day before.

  • Children
    • Usually
      • First 30 minutes: 770 JPY for members, 935 JPY for visitors
      • Extension fee every 10 minutes: 110 JPY
    • Weekday
      • 1-day free pass: 1,320 JPY
      • Pass from 5:00 p.m. (hourly): 440 JPY for members, 550 JPY for visitors
    • Holiday
      • 3-hour pass: 1,650 JPY
  • Adult
    • Normal: 440 JPY (changeable *)
    • Pair Pass: 330 JPY (amount per person for two or more people)

※ The day being is not charged an extension fee


This time, I reported on my impressions of going to Kinder Platz, a children's playground in Koshigaya Lake town.

As a separate living with "Play Park PLUS" of another playground in Koshigaya Lake Town, I thought that it was a good facility to use when you want to let children with a low target age play.

I wrote that the target age is low, but if you want to play in a corner or a large ball pool that can be played like a Pythagorean switch, you may want to use this.

Thank you for visiting my article .

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