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I try to publish a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 14: Review of covers, keywords, etc.)

2021, 10, 31,

The published Kindle book has become completely unreadable!

The other day, I published in paperback "Let's metabolize the common sense of health!", but at this time I lowered the price of the e-book version, it was not read at Kindle Unlimited at all. As a countermeasure, I will introduce it because I changed the cover, keywords, content description, price, etc.

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It was foolish to cut the price.

When I released the e-book version, the price was 1,000 JPY, but with the publication of the paperback version, the price was reduced to 795 JPY.

This was a paperback version of the book version of 1,650 JPY, and if it was about half the price of this paper version, it was an estimate that the e-book version would look like a bargain and sell normally.

However, this became an enemy splendidly. This is because Kindle Unlimited, which supported the ranking of books at about 400th place, has become unreadable.

This is because the sense of value that "you can read a book with a price of 1,000 JPY for free" has disappeared. As a result, nothing is read, and the ranking is from 400th to lowest? I fell to 2,500th place, and no one could read it.

Measures taken to have the book read again

As a countermeasure, we have implemented various measures to get the book back to the user.

1) Improvement of cover

It is important to see at a glance what kindle books can be obtained from the cover of the book. Improved the cover by trying to increase the purchase probability even a little for impressions that have become low and less in the ranking.

The left is the first and the history that has been improved toward the right.

  • I do not know if this is true or not, but there seems to be a color use that people are easy to buy depending on the timing. I changed it to a slightly brown-eyed font and coloring referring to the book of the ranking top.
  • Specifically express what kind of common sense can be metabolized in letters When customers pick up this book, the information obtained is old common sense and new common sense in this book, and I made it a character so that it can be understood at a glance
  • Text enhancement I made the points easier to see by putting a complementary color on the background of the character I wanted to make stand out in particular.

2) Correction of the contents description column of the book

Following the cover, the text in the content description column of the book, which is the purchase decision of the book, has also been corrected as shown in the figure below.

Specifically, I omitted the parts (1) to (4), corrected it so that I wanted to convey with as few characters as possible, changed (5) to enumeration, and(6) slightly modified the expression to give sense.

3) Change keywords

Since the keyword plays an SEO role in the blog, it is a word that is easy for people who want to reach as much as possible to find, so when searching by "health" on Amazon, I set the next word that comes out as a candidate as a keyword.

4) Price change

If the price is 795 JPY, there is little bargain feeling to read for free with Kindle Unlimited, so I reset it to 1,105 JPY because it is a 3/4th place price of paperback version 1650 JPY.


This time, the published book was not read in Kindle Unlimited at all, so it was a story that I put the key in. If this is not possible, I think that it is only aimed at the revival in the free campaign in two months, and aiming at the synergy effect by the publication of another book.

I'll report it again when I get the results!


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