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Try publishing a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 13: Publishing paperbacks)

2021, 10, 24,

I want to publish my book on paper! Have you ever thought so?

, I published a book on kindle titled "Let's Metabolize Common Sense of Health", and reported that we launched this English translation "Let's metabolize common sense of health" and made a good start with a free campaign!

Timely, kindle direct publishing (KDP) in 2021.10.19 launched a paperback service that enables the publication of paper plates of books. I immediately published it in the paper version, so I will report this situation.

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Benefits of publishing paperbacks

There are three benefits that I personally think it would be better to publish paperbacks.

  1. Reach older people who simply want to read on paper
  2. Because the price of the electronic version looks relatively advantageous, it is easier to lead to purchase than only the electronic version.
  3. It looks like a decent work when you put out a book on paper.

To enjoy these benefits, I worked hard to publish paperbacks.

Editing work added to the manuscript in order to publish in paperback

I made various edits to the manuscript for the publication of the paper version.

Adjusting the size

In the Kindle app, I did not have to be aware of the size of the book because the user can change the resolution by myself, but this should be considered firmly in paperback. In paperback, you can specify the format that is the size of the book to be published on paper, but I modified the manuscript accordingly. I chose the A5 size of 148 mm × 210 mm format, so I updated the size and margin settings of the Word file in the manuscript accordingly.

Set size to A5

Print orientation changed vertically

View number of pages and headers

In the Kindle, since the number of pages changes by changing the resolution, it was not necessary to be aware of the number of pages, but in paperback I thought that it was better to put the number of pages in the flow, so I decided to use the footer function of Word to prepare the number of pages. Since the footer of Word can change the display of the footer by even number and odd number, I set the page number to come to the lower left for odd pages and to the bottom right for even pages. Also, since it was difficult to understand where I was reading a paper book now, I set the title to appear in the header of the odd page and the term title next to the number of pages in the footer. The reason why I set it like this is that in the Kindle, when you open the page, the odd page becomes the left and the even page is on the right, so it is easy to see when you capture the two pages of facing as one.

If you look at it in a facing like this, the number of pages will also make it easier to see chapters and terms

Change table of contents

As for the table of contents, the Kindle did not intentionally write the number of pages, but in the paperback version, I decided to post the number of pages exactly.

Delete margins

In the paperback version, the more pages you have, the more expensive you get. I thought that it was better to shave the margins that were not so meaningful for the user, so I cut the margins. Specifically, in the Kindle version, we used one page to display the metabolic point of common sense aiming at screenshots such as Instagram, and summarized that it was one page in the headline and one page with a common sense metabolism point.

By doing this, we were able to reduce the number of pages by about 41 pages.


[id="attachment_14142" align="alignnone" width="876"] Cost before margin adjustment[/]

Adjusted margin cost

After cutting 41 pages, the cost was reduced by 82 yen.

PDF conversion

Unlike the electronic version, the paperback version has a pdf-only medium for publishing manuscripts. For this reason, I saved the Word file of the manuscript as a PDF and published it.

Create a cover for paperbacks

The cover needs to be fine-tuned according to the number of pages

It was a lot of time and effort to create the cover. In the Kindle version, it is good to make one cover, but in the paperback version, it is necessary to prepare a single picture connecting the spine and the back cover in addition to the cover. The reason why the cover is troublesome is that you have to change the size according to the number of pages of the manuscript in addition to the format introduced earlier. Because the cover creation is this difficulty, "paperback cover template" that displays the following size and barcode position is provided. I created it appropriately in CLIP STUDIO based on this.

The explanation goes back and forth a little, but if you want to the market to which you are publishing, if you do not have a drawing software that feels good because you can use a dedicated cover creation tool, you may want to use this.

I did not use it, but I felt like I could make it easily

Sample image

PDF conversion is carried out using web service

When converting a manuscript into PDF, if you use Microsoft Print to PDF, etc. for JPEG etc., white space will be slightly deleted, and it will be an error at the time of submission. To prevent this, I went from JPEG to PDF on this page. I set it as follows as in the image below.

  • "Select page orientation":Landscape orientation
  • "Page size": Fits (same page size as image)
  • "Margins": No margins

Once you have converted it to PDF, all you have to do is download the PDF.

Publishing to paperbacks

Learn more about paperbacks

There is little change from the electronic version here.


"Language", "Book title", "Subtitle" fields will not be changed after publication, so be careful if you may change them.

About "Paperback Content"


The content settings in the paperback can't be changed after publication. So, let's firmly solidify this before publication.

Printed ISBN

To publish a book, you must have an ISBN(International Standard Book Number). Get and assign a free KDP ISBN here, especially if you're contracted with a separate publisher.

Publication date

The publication date is not entered here, so leave it blank. In my case, the review accompanying the publication takes more than half a day, and if there is a deficiency, it is necessary to pass the review again, so I think it is difficult to make it a target date.

Print options

Ink and paper types

Depending on what you choose from ink and paper, the appearance and printing cost will change. If you want to estimate the printing cost, please refer to here .

Equation for Printing Cost

fixed cost + (number of pages * unit price per page) = printing cost
Also, it seems that it does not fit depending on the genre of the book to be published, so I chose the recommended "body (black and white) paper (white)" for nonfiction.


As I mentioned earlier, we chose the A5 size of 148 mm x 210 mm.

Bleed settings

This is said to be good as long as there is no particular reason, so I chose this.

Paperback cover finish

In the case of nonfiction, it was glossy, and in the case of fiction, it was better not glossy, so I chose glossy.


As I mentioned earlier, the only file that can be submitted in paperback is pdf. The pdf image was trafficped.


This is a little different from and, there is a web system that can create a cover by uploading image data, so if you do not have drawing software for creating a cover, you may want to use this.

Book preview

Before publishing a paperback, unlike the electronic version, it is necessary to thoroughly review the content of the publication on the preview screen. This preview may take about 30 minutes to open, so you might want to do something else when you press the preview button. There were many errors at this timing, and it was quite difficult to pass the quality check.

Display on error

The thumbnail display of the preview is quite convenient

After the quality check, press the approve button at the bottom right to proceed to the next pricing.

[caption id="attachment_14144" align="alignnone" width="300"] before price adjustment[caption/]

[caption id="attachment_14145" align="alignnone" width="300"] Price adjusted

Request for proofs

You can proof proof it just before you publish the paperback. I tried to do it because it was a corner, but I printed one book each of the Japanese version and the English version, and it was about 1,000 yen per book at the printing cost + delivery fee per book. It arrived about 2 days from the order. Here is the proof that actually arrived.

The cover of the table is here. It is shiny. The gray line seems to have been put in for the proof.

The back cover and spine are like this. There is a bar code in it.

It was the same size as Mr. Nishino's book at home.


When I actually read the book, it was good to know that the characters of the diagram were crushed and that the printing of the facings was different from the assumption. With this, I uploaded the manuscript again and published it.

Time to review after "publishing paperback" pushing

If it is an e-book version, if there is nothing, the examination will be completed in an hour, but if it is a paperback version, it will take more than half a day. So, let's wait care and finish the screening.

When you are under review, "Preparing to publish" will be displayed

By the way, even if there are no errors in the preview function, this review may be caught.

After the review is successful, you will receive an email similar to the following:

Then, there is a time difference, but a paperback button is added to the page of the book that was published.


This time, we introduced the work and settings that were carried out when publishing the paperback. Next time, I will report on the status of paperbacks after publication.


To Be Continued

Thank you for visiting. Bye bye(^^)/

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