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Try publishing a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 12:'s free campaign results)

2021, 10, 22,

Sales have come out properly on Kindle! I'm so excited about Yuya @ Kindle writer.

The other day, I published a book on the Kindle titled "Let's Metabolize Common Sense of Health!" and released this English translation into the world.

This time, I will report the results of the free campaign that was launched in this English translation, the sales situation of the Japanese version, and the status of the matters that were tried and tested.

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Trial and error related to other overseas expansions

Last time, I published an English translation in (U.S.), but I thought that I could further increase the number of sales by publishing it to other domains, so I examined the domain owned by Amazon.

Amazon then found that it has domains in the following 17 countries:


  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  8. Japan
  10. Netherlands
  11. Singapore
  14. United Arab Emirates
  16. America

To see this list, there are English-speaking domains such as India, the United Kingdom, and Mexico in addition to, so I thought that if we developed these, I could increase the number of sales more, so I immediately published an English version in (UK).

But notice here.

As a result of deploying to, books are already available for purchase in other domains.

I remembered the settings when publishing to KDP and understood that this was the result of choosing the publishing area as "all areas".

And I'm not sure about this state, so I stopped publishing to in haste.

Free campaign status after publication of overseas version

More books were distributed than in Japan.

Based on the lessons learned from the free campaign in Japan (, a free campaign will be held for 5 days from 2021/10/15 (Friday) to 2021/10/19 (Tuesday) so that Saturdays and Sundays with a large number of distributions will enter. Was set. The result is ...

I was able to distribute 43 books safely!

Since the number of distributions in Japan is 27, I am happy that the number of distributions has increased more than this!

If it is an English version that can be bought that books were sold even in the earlier, since it is not one like Japan to purchase, I was able to distribute it with the following breakdown.

Also ranked in the Free Ranking 100

Compared to the Japanese version, the English version was ranked 28th, but it was also ranked in the free ranking in English (^^♪

I thought that it was not possible to do it to some extent because the magnification seems to be higher in the English-speaking world and it is a book for Japan in the first place.

Instead, I was surprised that even I was not very good at English, but I was able to enter such a ranking, and I thought that Google and Microsoft's English translation ability was amazing.

Interesting behavior in free campaigns in Japanese and overseas versions

What's interesting is the behavior of free campaigns. At first, the number of distributions came out, and the number of distributed books gradually decreased.

The graph on the left is the Japanese version, and the graph on the right is in English.

I do not know why this behavior is this behavior because there is no other comparison target, but there may be a possibility that the user who read the book did not meet expectations. (If so, I'm a little disappointed)

Japanese version sales results

It's been about half a month since the free campaign, but not a single book has (+_+) sold yet. For this area, we would like to adjust the amount separately or reset the amount in conjunction with the sale of the paperback version.

However, sales on Kindle Unlimited were steadily growing, and although it was about half a month from the free campaign, royalties exceeding 2,000 yen were generated (^^♪

It tends to grow on weekends, so I think it will grow in proportion to the time you can read.


This time, we reported the results of the free campaign for books published in English to (U.S.A.) and the status of books published in Japan.

Next time, I will also try to publish a physical paper book called KDP paperback implemented from October 19, 2021, and I will report the results.

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