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Based on a blog post, I try to publish a book on a Kindle (Part 11: )

2021, 10, 15,

I proved that "I can publish an English translation on my own without being able to speak English"!

In the previous article, I talked about the English translation of the book "Let's Metabolize Common Sense of Health!" Published on Kindle, but this time the English translation was successfully completed and the publication on (overseas) was completed successfully. Now that I have done so, I will report on the situation.

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The point that the manuscript was corrected for the publication of the overseas version

Following on from the previous article, here are some of the things we've tweaked to the manuscript.

Updating covers and illustrations

All the comments on the cover, illustrations, and diagrams have been converted into English.

Change the cover using CLIP STUDIO! I think this is the point where creativity was shown the most (whether it looks good or bad).

The main illustrations are also changed!

I also translated the place that I had arranged in the table into English!

The font is Calibli.

The font preferred for English characters seems to be "Calibli", so I made the font of the body "Calibli."

What to register with KDP

The registrations in KDP are almost the same as and Therefore, the contents were registered by translating the contents registered for into English.

Since there was no label column, it may be a culture unique to Japan

If you decide the publishing price in JPY (Japanese yen) in the case of, the amount of other countries has changed, whereas in the case of, if you set USD, the publishing amount of other countries will be automatically calculated. Again, I set the value of USD in the to the value of the, so I made it the same amount.

Confirmation of publication content

When I pressed the publish button, it was stated that it would take up to 72 hours of review, but as in the, I passed the examination in about 1 hour and was published safely.

Create an author profile for overseas, I didn't really like the author's display and biography in Japanese, so I also set up a profile translated into English.

I'd like to switch between the and and the display of the settings under review

Conducting marketing

In addition, after publication, it will not sell immediately, so I decided to participate in various KDP campaigns again.

Join the free campaign

Join the free campaign once every 90 days. Based on the lessons learned from the free campaign in Japan (, we set it for 5 days from 2021/10/15 (Fri) to 2021/10/19 (Tue) so that the number of saturdays and Sundays that can be distributed can be entered.

Looking at this campaign period, it starts at 12:00 and ends at 11:59, but the campaign actually started around 2021/10/15 16:30, so there is a time difference (or depends on the time applied for the free campaign?).

It seems to be. It is no exaggeration to say that the reaction here will separate the light and shade overseas, so I am looking forward to the results. In Japan, 27 books could be distributed for free, but how many books would you go in the United States?

Join Prime Reading

It seems to be a recent mechanism, but I decided to participate in a program called Prime Reading. (I recommended that you participate accurately.) Prime Reading is a service that allows users who participate in AmazonPrime to read books for free, and seems to be a kindle Unlimited trial-like position.

In the U.S., more than half of the people seem to be participating in AmazonPrime, and a considerable share seems to be in Prime Reading, so it seems to be good to give a rating to the new book, so I tried to hit it!


This time, I was told that I translated a book published in (Japan) into English and published it to (USA). In addition, I have understood the results of the campaign, I will report it separately!

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