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I tried to publish a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 10: What I conducted for overseas publishing)

2021, 10, 12,

Can I publish an English translation on our own?

In the previous article, I mentioned that the response of Kindle books was good, but I decided to translate it into English in order to further expand the sales channel, so I will report on the situation.

Good evening, I'm a fledgling writer who aims to expand overseas. Today, the reaction of kindle's book was good, so I decided to translate it into English in order to further expand the sales channel, so I would like to report on the situation.

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What we conducted for overseas publishing

Convert a layout from portrait to landscape

First of all, when publishing a book in English, there is no vertical writing, so I converted the layout of the post-Japanese manuscript from vertical to horizontal.

Leave the translation of the text to Google Translate

I can translate with Microsoft Word itself, but somehow Google Translate was easier to use, so basically I used Google Translate. Here are some points to note as examples:

Transfer footnotes so that they don't go away

The first is footnote migration. When footnotes are gone, references are lost and quality decreases, so it transitions firmly. Since the text after translating on Google was also marked with a footnote so that the stampwas still marked, Itargeted this "" mark and cut the footnote from the Japanese sentence before translation to the translated English sentence and transferred it to the translation of the English sentence

Transferring footnotes delicately

Translation of references

I thought that if I was not good at the reference in Japanese, it would be garbled, so I translated it into English using Google Translate.

Follow MS Word proofreading

The syntax weirdness word suggests at the underline was basically corrected according to Microsoft Word's advice.

However, I sometimes try to proofread words that MS Word doesn't know, so I ignored them.

Watch out for Google's mistranslated

Google may make a mistake when translating difficult words into English, so I try to cure strange words.

Google mistakenly convert Epigastrium as Hato for the tail of a pigeon.

Cossack dance and other famous words are sometimes mistaken

Get rid of rubi

In addition, the word that was waving the ruby is converted as follows when pasting it into Google Translate. Intestinal bacteria  I removed ruby because the translation will change as it is.

Review subject

Basically, it will be my one-sided explanation, but sometimes the subject is We, so I reviewed it.

Review Will like to

I didn't write a desire separately, but there were quite a few places where Will like to was used, so I reviewed that kind of thing.

I found a current japanese deficiency in the translation.

In the process of this translation, I was able to find the current deficiencies in Japanese that have been published ('ω') When I corrected this deficiency to improve the quality and updated it to KDP, unexpected mail ! Looking back on what I

really did, I couldn't narrow down the target, but I thought like a detective.

  1. What was up as of 10/4 did not get into this state
  2. Were the books you distributed in the free campaign parked?
  3. When I rewrite it on my blog after 10/4, is it affected if I used images and words submitted by KDP?

1 is out as of 10/4 if the blog post in general is NG, so it is hard to think of it as a cause, and 2 is also unlikely. I thought that 3 was the most suspicious, and once I deleted this and applied again to inquire by email, I was able to pass the examination safely (; ́・ω・) I was prepared to store all the related blog material, but it was good that the damage was minimal.


This time, in order to expand the sales channel of the book published by KDP, it was a story that I tried to translate the current into English. Translating a book into English seems to be about 300,000 yen, but even if you can't write it that much, it seems that you can do it yourself, so I will do my best as it is and publish overseas!

Thank you for visiting.

Bye bye(^^)/

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