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I try to publish a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 9: Reaction immediately after publication)

2021, 10, 11,

Should I Participate in a Free Kindle Campaign?

Today, 10 days have passed since I published the book on my Kindle, and the free campaign I was participating in has been completed, so I would like to report on the situation.

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Free Campaign Effectiveness

Last time, I said that I had a free campaign after publication, but I will report the results. The result is that we were able to distribute 27 books for free from 2021/10/2 (Sat) to 2021/10/7 (Thu)! I'm not sure if this is a lot or a little, but I didn't do almost any publicity, so I think it's not that bad reaction. Although there seems to be few participants in the first place, I also went to the top of the free book sales ranking.

I came in second place in the ranking of family medicine and health > living, health, child rearing ('ω')b temporarily

[id="attachment_13229" align="alignnone" width="974"]

I was ranked 13th in the parent category in life, health, and child rearing! [/caption]

The number of distributions was as many as 5 on weekdays and 10 on Sundays, so I felt that it would be more effective to sandwich saturdays, Sundays, and consecutive holidays.

No increase in ratings or word of mouth

As a result of free distribution, evaluation and word of mouth have increased, it is not a sound at all w. In general, there is a situation where 1 in 10 people evaluate themselves among buyers, and there is a situation where 3 people or do not evaluate as theoretical values.

In addition, there may be reasons such as because the buyer has not yet finished reading the book, or because he threw it out while reading.

Books obtained for free without paying and buying, the motivation to read does not increase much, so I expect that there are many people who are sidelined in this way. In my case, if the book purchased for free becomes boring or difficult to read, I will delete it without reading it until the end.

Status after the free campaign

No one has purchased the book directly yet after the free distribution is over. But I was relieved that kindle Unlimited was being read safely.

And, accordingly, there is a situation where royalties are also generated, albeit a little every day.

Looking at this result, it is about 0.46 yen when you read one page with Kindle Unlimited, so it seems that about 1,000 yen per month will pay ('ω') And although not a single book is sold, the paid ranking seems to be going up a little at a time depending on the amount read by Kindle. I'm still locused in 400-600th place, far from being ranked at the top of the paid rankings. I'd be happy if the rankings went up a little bit.


This time, I reported the sales situation of 10 days after publishing the book on KDP! In response to this result, I feel that unless I can get a very low rating from the purchaser, I feel that it will not sell at all, so I thought I would write other books in order to increase the return synergy for my activities.

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