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Try publishing a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 8: What I did immediately after publication)

2021, 10, 2,

Is a book downloaded once on Kindle not reflected even if the content is updated?
After publishing a book on Kindle, when I actually browsed it on Kindle Unlimited, I found a lot of correction points, and it is a fact that I learned when I corrected it.
Here are some things to keep in mind when making post-publishing revisions, including this story.

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What KDP did after its launch (1): Correction of charts

There were about three unexpected displays in the chart, so I corrected it.

1) Display of metabolic points of common sense

I wanted to display the image content and terms of common sense's metabolic point side by side, but it has become vertical.

It seemed difficult to sideways, so when I divided the term title and the image into separate pages, I was able to correct it with a good feeling.

2) The chart is garbled

It is not an image specified from the file by inserting an image, but the kind of copy and paste directly from Excel etc. seems to be basically garbled. This was the hardest, so I fixed it immediately.

As a response method, I saved the original material once in an image file and then switched to the method of inserting the image as follows.

3) The characters above and below the diagram are displayed strangely

This had become an illegal display all over the board though the character of the source or the supplement was put in the top and bottom of the following figure. This is a vertical, medium, and horizontal function, and I used a lot of it in a

way that forced vertically arranged strings to be arranged horizontally, but I noticed that it does not work this time.

This place seemed to be difficult to fix with letters, so I made it an image containing this upper and lower string.

Why I didn't notice a problem with the diagram

Why didn't you notice these mediocre mistakes, but the KDP previewer didn't start with an error. The reason is that the quality of the file listed for practice was low or not, I do not know the failure of KDP well. Since it was able to start well after publication, I regret that I should have checked properly at the time of the last trafficking.

Why it is better to update trafficking data as soon as possible

As a general rule, users who have downloaded do not see updates

In KDP, even if we upload the updated version, if the reader has already downloaded the content, the content is basically not rewritten. This is a customer experience-focused response, and when readers download revisions on the Kindle, previously added notes and highlights may disappear.

, so if you find any deficiencies, it's a good idea for readers to hurry up and fix them before downloading them!

How to download the updated version in my Kindle

The trouble is that it's also my Kindle, and I don't know if it's fixed or not. If you want to download the latest version with your Kindle alone, there is a manual in Kdp, so please refer to it.

What was done after launch on KDP (2): Participation in the free campaign

Next, we participated in the free campaign. The KDP is not visible to anyone if the author is not a celebrity, does not advertise, and has no ratings. First of all, it's more important to get ratings, so I set up a free campaign.

The free campaign can be set once every 90 days for up to 5 days, so it seems better to actively use it while it is not evaluated.

Author's information registration

It is subtle whether the author's information contributes to the sales of the book, but I added the author's information in order to increase synergy with my activities. From the KDP Marketing tab, you can register author information at Author Central.

It took about a day after registration to reflect, but the author's information was displayed safely. I want some good-feeling photos.


This time, I introduced what I carried out after publishing the book at KDP.

Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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