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I try to publish a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 7: From finishing to publishing)

2021, 10, 1,

The artist made his debut on September 30, 2021!

I'm Yuya, the author of "Let's Metabolize Common Sense of Health! 30 New Common Senses That Overturn Your Common Sense".

This time, I will share what I was working on in closing this publication.

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Finishing a book

I colored the headlines.

There were many heading level hierarchies, and I couldn't distinguish the parts where I couldn't set the heading correctly, so I colored the headings as a trial. In this way, I found an error in setting the heading, and the check work was quite progressing.

I put footnotes separately from contextual footnotes.

In the past, footnotes were only contextual footnotes, with references, but we put regular footnotes to supplement other incomprehensible words.

I waved a ruby.

I also rubyd words that were difficult to read. When I looked at the manners of how to attach a ruby, I knew that it was common to attach it only when it first appeared in the book or the entire section, rather than attaching it every time, so I sprinkled the ruby only to the first character.

Customizing titles

Kindle didn't sell well, and the cover was very important and it was better to put in numbers, so I decided to put "30 new common sense that overturns your common sense".

Change illustrations

Along with this, the metabolic point of common sense put in the illustration was further increased to 30, and the number was further implemented.

Add summary terms

For each section, we have included a section to summarize to establish knowledge.

Trouble with "Introduction" and "Write Back" content

I was quite troubled by the content written in "Introduction" and "Post-Writing". You can take the content written in "Introduction" to a later writing, or conversely, take the content written in the post-writing. In the end, "Introduction" used the law of the Golden Circle to summarize the contents in the order of WHY→ HOW→WHAT, and wrote the rest of the content in a later writing. A


Change the position of the introduction

At first, I brought the beginning before the table of contents that I was creating because it would normally be in front of the table of contents.

Final characters and pages

In this way, I was working on various things, and I polished the quality of what I drafted at the end of August. The final number of characters is 57368 characters and the number of pages is 176. However, the number of pages depends on the resolution in KDP, so it was only for reference.

The number of characters is about 60,000 characters when the characters included in the picture are counted, and the number of characters in a general book was scratched on the line said to be 60,000 to 120,000 characters, so I think it is a first point.

Changes to the contents of the KDP

The following work was done while uploading the submitted data to KDP.

Introduction to the contents

The contents of the book can also be introduced in 4,000 characters with important content, but the contents of the manuscript "Introduction" and the contents of the table of contents are included. Now I used about 2500 characters.

Add subtitle

I made the subtitle "30 new common sense that overturns your common sense" attached to the cover earlier.

Register your label

Since the label has the principle of not wearing it with other names, I made it a label named "Issen Bunko" based on the coined word "Issen", which I created in the past. When I was in junior high school, I admired a band called "Kuromu", and I remembered that I wanted to make a vivid use of my life only once, and I felt sentimental to quote it here.


In order to register for Kindle Select, it seems that the tax-included amount must be less than 1250 yen, and originally it was thought that it would not sell if you read it on Unlimited, so I set the price to 1000 yen with good cuts and tax included.

Book Review

In this way, I finished putting all the information, so when I pressed the "Publish Kindle Book" button at the end, it became a mode under examination.

The screening took up to 72 hours, so I thought I'd wait quite a bit, but the review was completed in about an hour and I received the next email! Somehow, if you find the same content on a

blog or something, it will be NG, and if you do not correct it within 5 days, it seems that you will not be able to publish, but it was okay (^^♪ When you check at the Kindle store ...

In an instant, it's amazing that it's listed in the KINDLE store (º. º)


At last? I was able to make my debut as an author! However, when I tried and read it in Kindle from here, I found various points that were not cool, so I did the correspondence I did after publishing the book.

Thank you for visiting me.

By bye(^^)/

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