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Try publishing a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 6: A service used for publishing a book)

2021, 9, 30,

In the past, you could only monetize from the output, but recently it has become possible to monetize the process of producing the output. The economy that can be monetized for this process is called the process economy and has been attracting attention these days.

This time, when I was actually creating a manuscript for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), I tried using a service called "00:00 STUDIO", which is a pioneer of this process economy. to introduce.​

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Services used for the publication of books

The service used for the publication of the book was called"00:00 STUDIO (Four Zero Studio)". To briefly explain what kind of service this is, it is a service that distributes the process of the creator's work indifferently.

It is not a process of processing videos like Youtube, it is just a service that distributes the work process. This is not the output of the process economy, but the service focused on the process of creation process.

For many creators so far, the price for their activities has been paid for their output. However, since creators cannot monetize the work in the period until they output the work, there are circumstances that can not help giving up the challenge, and it is a mechanism designed so that it can monetize the process to support this challenge.

Process Economy Your story becomes valuable (Gentosha Book) Instead of supporting the broadcaster with the word "toss money", viewers support creators in the form of "inserts" in "00:00 STUDIO".

00:00 Impressions using STUDIO

And I also like fashion, so I used "00:00 STUDIO" to distribute the book posting process about 20 times. There are about three points that I felt doing.

Is the delivery of writing boring?

The first is that compared to people who are drawing and making things, the contents of the distribution of the writing are boring even if you watch it. Kensu- san, the owner of this service, also writes articles about online salons using this service every day, but the number of viewers there seems to be about 20 people. That's about that with a good influencer. That's why viewers don't often visit pumpies like me who are still nothing, and the number of viewers visited in the whole stream was less than 10 times, and there was only one insert.


The delivery results remain archived as follows: * If you do not have an account, you may not be able to view it.​

The time-lapse function was interesting.

After distribution, there was a timelapse function that allows you to compress the contents and make a video, but that was interesting. There is no download function officially, but since it was possible to download it with an extension called Chrome 'Video Getter], I will post what kind of video for reference.

There are still many bugs and user usability

There are still many functions being created, and when I move various things, it behaves strangely, and I feel that my hands are not turning. Since I also did a system shop, there is a mechanism that has just been created, but there are quite a few complaints when delivering to customers with this quality for business users. For example, if you go back and go back to the next, you will get many notifications like a login bonus, you may scroll the sidebar at the same time by vertical scrolling, or the login ID will not be saved. I think that it is a problem that will be solved if the number of users increases and the system support comes around a little more.


This time, I introduced a service called"00:00 STUDIO"that I used while writing a book for Kindle publishing. Perhaps you may grow up to be a service synonymous with the process economy, or you may be born from here with famous creators, and if you are worried, please use it!

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