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Try publishing a book on a Kindle based on a blog post (Part 5: Include footnotes and citations)

Good evening is yuya @writer's egg. Publish your book on a Kindle based on blog posts! This time of the fifth project, I put footnotes and citations of the book, so I would like to share the process and thoughts!


Last time I talked about creating a cover or illustration

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They put footnotes in

The endgame of book publishing? I'm approaching. This time, the content of the book I am going to publish is in the field of health, so I wanted to make it based on scientific support as much as possible, so I tried to put citations with endnotes. I referred to a book by Yoichi Ochiai called "Japan Revitalization Strategy". Mr. Ochiai, who is active in various fields as he does not know what is being done, also has the title of associate professor in the field of applied physics and computer science at the University of Tsukuba, and how to put footnotes of scientific content was very helpful.

In this book, I added contextual footnotes at the meaning level of the word for each chapter, so I put footnotes in a way that followed. As a way to put it, press "reference material" → "insert endnote" in the place where you want to put footnotes in the sentence, and write an explanation at the destination where you fly. At this time, I made a special heading so that the format of the footnotes looked beautiful.

Define sections to include contextual footnotes for each chapter

In order to put contextual footnotes for each chapter, the chapter units are divided into section units in Word. If you don't do this, the contextual footnote will end up at the end of the book. From the end of the chapter→ separated the sections with "Layout" and "Start from next page". In order to bring the endnotes to the end of the section, we set the footnotes and endnotes as follows.

They put in a citation

Next, for the contents to contain citations, we put citations in context footnotes. In order to give authority to the citations, the types of materials quoted are described in detail. To enter, select "Reference Material"→, "Insert Citation" → "Add New Material Decentralization". Register the information of the citation in the dialog that follows. If you include citations, explanations can be displayed in the thing that touches the relevant part on the Kindle app, and you can jump to the place of the contextual footnote with a hyperlink. I believed that this process would lead to the quality of the book, and I put the citations one by one in detail.


This time, I introduced footnotes and citations of books for Kindle publishing. Through this process, I feel that the quality of the book has improved at a stretch.


Next time I will introduce the service used in the process of creating a book.
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