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The plug-in "Japanese Proofreading Preview" was introduced as a countermeasure against typos in posted articles.

2021, 10, 14,

Are you properly picking up typographical errors in your blog posts?

The other day, I published a blog post in Kindle's book, but at this time I noticed that there are quite a lot of typos in the blog post. So, as a countermeasure, I installed a plug-in called"Japanese Proofreading Preview",so I will introduce it.


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Japanese Proofreading Preview Settings

Japanese Proofreading Preview installs and enables plug-ins as usual.

When you press the settings in the figure above, the following screen will be displayed. Basically, the point exclusion setting is as it is, and only the Yahoo API ID  set in the place of the Yahoo API setting.

Getting the Yahoo API ID is a little crowded, but you can do it immediately by referring to the link guide "Here is the details of how to set it" in the figure above.

How to use "Japanese Proofreading Preview"

If you can set the above, a button called "Preview with proofreading information" will be added to the public column of the post screen, so you can check the typo of the corresponding post page by clicking this.

As for how the proofreading information is actually displayed, "Grammar proofing support information" is displayed at the top of the preview screen as follows, and the target part is displayed in a colored and shaded body.

Some things don't need to be fixed, but they are helpful because they detect something that is blatantly incorrect.


At the time of this post, I have about 800 posts, so it is quite difficult to proofread everything, but I feel like I am abandoning childcare if I do not do this, so I will review it when I have time. If you're thinking of rewriting an article you've posted in the past, this"Japanese Proofreading Preview"will give you the quality of the rewrite content, so if you're interested, please give it a try! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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