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Hyena ecology learned on Youtube

Recently, yuya @report personality who is addicted to watching videos of Savannah system. Now that I'm a little familiar with the ecology of hyenas, this time I will introduce the habits of hyenas that I did not know with youtuber videos.



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Ecology of hyenas

In fact, it is more likely to intercept prey.

As for hyenas, there is an image of doing anything to find prey, and I think that there are a lot of people who think that the prey is intercepted from other animals. However, in fact, hyenas are more likely to be intercepted by lions for their hunted prey.

However, there are times when you intercept like this video, and the intimidation and provocation at that time are w

Good hunting

If you compare hyenas and lions, hyenas have a higher hunting success rate. I didn't know this, but if the lion is an instantaneous type that is good at sprinting, hyena is a stamina type that is good at long distance running. Hyenas have the tenacity and strength to chase their prey and chase them beyond the horizon.

Herd Rules

There is a strict hierarchical society

Hyenas act in flocks, and they seem to have very strong unity among their peers. In the herd, females have stronger power, and the order seems to be finely ordered in the herd, and it seems that there is a correction that the hyena at hand licks the buttocks of the upper hyena. It seems that this is a habit to show even children who are only two months old. What was interesting was that this power would be passed on to children. The hyena child of the greatest queen has the same rating as her parents when they grow up. Somehow, it is interesting to look like the aristocracy society in the human world.

I'm hard at failing.

And in the world of hyenas, if you make a big mistake, the rank will fall, and there is a mechanism like the capital fall as it is said in a millionaire of Cards. When the Queen Hyena tried to eat the prey she had obtained in the hunt to herself, the Queen Hyena was punished for touching the wrath of other lower hyenas when the lion took her prey.


How was it to introduce the ecology of hyenas? I thought it was interesting because it was a little close to humans.


  • Hyenas hunt better than lions.
  • Hyenas are actually more likely to prey.
  • Hyena herds are a grim hierarchical society headed by the Queen
  • Hyenas are hard to fail
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