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I went to "Hitachi Seaside Park" to see Kokia.

2021, 10, 20,

Have you ever seen a landscape of red flowers called "Kokia" spreading all over?

At Hitachi Seaside Park, I learned that in the autumn season, we could see the hill where this flower called Kokia was in full bloom, and on Saturday, November 16th, 2021, I brought my child, who was 1 year and 8 months old. Report the situation!

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Access to Hitachi Seaside Park

There are various ways to get to Hitachi Seaside Park, such as cars, trains, and buses, so please check the official page for details!

I used my house by car, but there was a traffic jam between Hitachi-Nakaka IC and Hitachi Seaside Park IC, so I accessed it on the road I got off at the IC in the foreground.

On the way back, it was congested on the Hitachi Seaside Park IC, and it took about 40 minutes to get on the expressway. There are quite a few elements that are congested, such as limited number of people entering from the right turn lane when entering the IC, joining in front of the IC, and reducing lanes in the foreground, so it may be better to choose a place to ride when using the expressway.

Spot introduction of Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is vast, and not everything was completely round, so we will introduce it only to the spots we used.

Hitachi Rose Garden

The Hitachi Rose Garden area is a landmark area with a Ferris wheel overlooking the property, and you can play putter golf, non-family golf courses, and BMX courses in the area.

My house used this Ferris wheel and a garden restaurant.

Garden Restaurant

I don't really like waiting, so I went to the garden restaurant around 11:00 to avoid crowded people at lunch.

Outside the garden restaurant

There were many seats here, and there was a wheelchair for children, so I felt that it was easy to use with children.

Udon for children and curry udon set that I asked for.

Great Ferris Wheel

Hitachi Seaside Park offers a variety of attractions, including the Ferris Wheel. If you use it, you can buy a free pass or a ticket for each attraction.

Our house didn't have many attractions available to 1 year and 8 month old children, or not much time, so I only bought a Ferris wheel ticket without buying a free pass!

If you were from inside Hitachi Rose Garden, you could see the Ferris Wheel from basically anywhere.

There is a photo shoot before getting on the Ferris wheel, and you can show a composite photo after getting off. If you like this composite photo, it was sold for 1000 yen including data. Because it was a plainly synthetic photograph, I did not purchase my house.


It was in the hill of the flower of Kokia which was the purpose of this time of my house.

When I saw the reddish purple kokia flowers seen from a distance nearby, I thought that kokia was such a flower because it was round like Mari mo.

There were signs for "Kokia" at each place in the park.

By the way, I shared a photo of me when I went to see Nemophila in May 2015 at Miharashi-no-Oka.

Grassland Area

The grassland area was a vast meadow, and there were many customers spreading tents and leisure seats.

Because there was no cover around, I felt that the temperature was lower than other areas only in this area.

Tents are a better place to spend if you want to relax.

My house took a nap here, but it got cold, so I bought clothes sold at the souvenir shop "Shopsan" in the central gate and put it on.

"Shop-san" also sells toys for playing in the grassland, so I thought that if you want to play with balls and feathers, you can purchase it here.


In addition, there were various flower fields and facilities in the park. I'll briefly introduce it in the gallery.


This time, I reported the situation of going to "Hitachi Seaside Park" to play.

When using it by car, it tends to be congested when getting on and off the IC, so be careful!

Depending on the season, the flowers seen on Miharashi-no-Oka are different, and it is a place that can not be played in a day, so I will visit again! If you are worried, please use it!

Thank you for browsing.
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