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I went to Itabashi Children's Animal Park (Higashi-Itabashi Park)

2021, 10, 3,

I want to go to a place where children can interact with animals!

Driven by this thought, I went to Itabashi Children's Zoological Park (in Higashi Itabashi Park) in Itabashi Ward the other day, so I will report on the situation!

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How to get to Higashi-Itabashi Park

Access on the official page is as follows.

Get off at "Itabashi Ward Office-mae" on the Toei Mita Line and walk for 8 minutes Quote: Itabashi Children's Zoo (Higashi-Itabashi Park)

I accessed my house on foot from Jujo Station, but it took about 15 minutes.

Features of Higashi-Itabashi Park

Higashi-Itabashi Park is a park with a large site in Tokyo. On the site, there is an athletic zone where children can play, there is a baseball field, and an animal park (Itabashi Children's Animal Park), where you can interact with animals such as ponies, sheep, saws, rabbits, guinea pigs, rick turtles, chipmunks, etc. In the large park, I saw a small number of families holding a picnic with blue sheets.

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The athletics were divided so that small children would play, and our children played with various athletics.

Itabashi Children's Animal Park

Our purpose this time was to interact with animals, so I will briefly report on the state of Itabashi Children's Animal Park. Itabashi Children's Animal Park is open to the public free of charge, and anyone can get to know animals.

Goat Sheep Free Range

In the petting square, yagi and sheep are free-range and you can touch each other. If you bring your hand in front of the mouth of a goat, you may be bitten by mistake for bait, so be careful, keeper? I was careful.

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Note that the time being released is limited. It should be the main purpose of this park, so be sure to visit during this free time when you visit!

Turtle Garden

It is a spot where you can observe a turtle called a golden turtle. I forgot to take a picture.。

Guinea Pig Dakko Corner

I wanted to hold the guinea pig, but by about 10:30 when we visited, we had already distributed numbered tickets, so I couldn't play this corner(T_T)

Goat Bridge and Squirrel Tunnel

There was a spot where you can observe the breeding huts of squirrels, rabbits and guinea pigs. There was a smell of breeding hut and singy. If you put your finger out of the wire mesh, there is a possibility that it will be bitten by mistake for bait, so there was a caution and a paper.

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Higashi-Itabashi Park has various facilities in the park, and I thought that it was a good place to let children play because they can play various things such as picnics, interaction with animals, and athletic play. Because it is recommended, if you are worried, please use it! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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