I went to "Yaki Chinshio Ramen Takahashi" of a popular ramen shop in Okachimachi after 21:00 on weekdays

2020, 8, 6,

What kind of ramen do you like? I'm Yuya who likes ramen.

Today, my wife does not prepare dinner unusually, and I ate it outside! That was the place, so I went to "Grilled Chinshio Ramen Takahage" in Okachimachi!

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I went to "Grilled Chinshio Ramen Takahashi" in Okachimachi after 21:00 on weekdays

The place of "Yaki Chinshio Ramen Takahushi" visited this time is located about a 3-minute walk towards Ameyoko after getting off at the north exit of Okachimachi Station.

There are various restaurants lined up in the line. One of them is "Grilled Chin Shio Ramen Takahushi" that catches the eye with its Japanese-tasted shop structure.

Inside the store

It is a system to buy a meal ticket before entering the store. Unfortunately, it does not support transportation electronic money. For me who doesn't usually carry much cash, it's a point where the rating drops a little. There is no way to do it.

The time was past 9 p.m., and maybe because it was past dinner, the inside of the shop was in a hurry.

The town's self-restraint at night may be influity in corona. Speaking of corona measures, there was an alcohol spray just after opening the door. In addition, the counter, which is a feature of the store, was shielded to divide the next seat and space firmly because it was difficult to protect social distance. If you

have a style like a manager who came to get a meal ticket, you should wear a face shield and be cool. I was relieved that I was firmly taking measures against corona. Looking up in the counter, the idea is overhanging. It's a pretty stylish idea to create the energy of tomorrow with ramen. Let's create it, my tomorrow's energy!!

After handing the meal ticket to the manager of the face shield and waiting enough, a foreign employee who wanders around does not know where to set the table appears. I'm the only one who hasn't been served yet. It came in front of me as I finally got convinced after going around w and left without hesitation. A large serving of special back fat ramen arrives (^^♪

Ramen Report

There is a soup simmered back fat, three kinds of char siu, a large cut onion, a square-like bamboo shoot, nori and boiled eggs that have not yet returned to the water. It is a moment when the expectation culminates. The soup is delicious, menma is delicious, and the nori taste is pretty good. The noodles are a little thick and normal. What was regrettable was the white char siu floating in the middle of the three kinds of char siu. It was a little watery and I was not familiar with ramen. I think that the evaluation that I gave was a ramen that did not disappoint, which is in the delicious class at all as a general remark.

Renge present with point card

There seems to be something like a point card, and it was written that if you accumulate points, you will receive an original renge. If I was living alone, I would not eat at such a high frequency, so I decided to go home without getting a point card. By the time I got home, people were overflowing, and it was different from the quiet shop when I entered the store. I was lucky that the timing of the visit was good! It might be a good place to visit around 21:00! ?


After a long absence, it was a satisfying dinner to eat delicious back fat ramen. If you like back fat ramen, like chin dashi, want to create energy for tomorrow (laughs), let's go to "Grilled chin salt ramen" ! Foreign employees may be more lost, but I'm sure the taste will not disappoint your expectations. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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