"Fatten like a cow" is misinterpreted! If you observe the precautions, it is a good practice to "eat and lie down immediately"!

2021, 9, 24,

Good evening, Yuya @health care personality. Since ancient times, it is said that "if you eat and lie down immediately, you will become a cow", and it is widely known as a bad habit to lie down after meals. This time, I will introduce whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to "eat and lie down immediately" when viewed from a health perspective.

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

When you eat and lie down immediately, you get fat like a cow

New common sense

When you eat and lie down immediately, it is conditional, but it promotes digestion and is effective for dieting

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who want to know what is wrong when you eat and lie down immediately

The reason why the lesson of "eating and lying down immediately makes a cow" born

I will explain why the lesson of "eating and lying down immediately turns into a cow" was born. The latter of this lesson, "Becoming a Cow," taught the lesson that "makes it easier to spit out what you eat." This is because the cow has four stomachs, fermenting what is eaten and swallowed to digest the grass with the stomach, returning it to the mouth and swallowing it many times It is thought that it refers to the habit of ruminating and it is noted that what eaten from the stomach will come out just like a cow when it is eaten and lies down immediately. In fact, 20 to 30% of Japanese people say waterfall stomach Because the location of the entrance jet gate is low, it is considered to be a lesson born in the sense that it does not become such a thing because there are people who tend to reverse the backflow of stomach acid and inflammation of the stomach by lying down. Some people associate this lesson with the "fat" image of cows and interpret it as "fatter", but it doesn't mean anything, so be careful.

The benefits of eating and lying down immediately

In fact, it is a very good practice for health to eat and lie down immediately, although there are some caveats.

Sleeping with the right side down helps digestion of the stomach

It is said that the digestion of the stomach becomes smooth when sleeping in a sideways posture with the right side of the body facing down after meals. This is said to be because the pylorus, which is the outlet of the stomach, faces down and is easy to flow to the following duodenum.

Nutritional supply to the liver

In addition, in order to digest food, a large amount of blood is required in the stomach and intestines, and a large amount of blood is required to break down nutrients taken into the blood and store it in the liver. However, if you work or exercise immediately after eating, blood will spread to the brain and muscles, which will significantly reduce the amount of blood flow to the organs of the digestive system. The amount of blood flowing into this liver is most common when lying down, and it is said that it decreases to 70% in the standing state and 20 to 30% when walking or traveling. From this, it can be said that it is effective to eat and lie down in order to properly supply nutrients to the liver.

Naps in the daytime are effective

There are quite a few people who are thought to get fat when they eat and go to bed immediately, but there is no such thing in a nap after lunch. When you take a nap after lunch, a type of adrenal cortical hormone called noradrenaline secretes hormones that promote fat metabolism. Because this hormone is secreted, on the contrary, a nap in the daytime can be expected to have a diet effect. In addition, from the viewpoint of the biological clock (circadian rhythm), the timing of this lunch is said to be a suitable time to rest the brain, and taking a nap will eliminate fatigue substances accumulated in the brain and improve concentration.

Notes on eating and lying down immediately

When eating and lying down immediately, observe the following

Points to note

  1. The upper body sleeps high (to prevent the reflux of stomach acid)
  2. Do not sleep face down on the left side of the body (to prevent indigestion)
  3. If you take a nap, it will be only at lunchtime and limited to a time of 15 to 20 minutes.


If you observe the precautions to "lie down immediately after eating", it can be said that it is a good habit, so I would like to recommend that you actively incorporate it. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/