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How to solve Crayon PHP7.3 issues

2020, 5, 12,

Around May 5, 2020, Google's core update was activated and hit again. So, I checked the Search Console to see if there were any omissions in index registration. Then, coverage errors were occurring. When I saw the error, the screen was quite bad, so I did a correction correspondence, so I will share the process.

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Search Console was making a coverage error

After a long absence, I got the following error when I removed Search Console

I thought this, when I displayed the URL displayed in the example, the following error screen ...!

I found that I get the first serious error since I ran WordPress. This is se mode activation because it is said that it is not possible to manage it.

The cause was Plugin Crayon

When I erased the html of the corresponding page and debugged it, I found that the error was dropped in the plug-in part of Crayon. It is a plug-in that displays the source code of the program beautifully like the following.

When I looked into it, I found that Crayon had been stopped for about 4 years and did not support PHP 7.3, partly because the author had passed away. When I was looking for a solution to this error, I found that the source code for PHP7.3 was uploaded to GitHub.

Download Source Code here to resolve the error! (You need to sign in to GitHub to download!) Then,

once on WordPress, I stopped → deleted the old Crayon, uploaded and activated the zip file.

I was able to fix it safely and no longer got any serious errors. (; ́・ω,)For the sake of doing,Search Console also reports the resolution with "Verify Correction"!


This time,search console Sichiko introduced the error of the plug-in called Crayon that is displayed as a coverage error and how to solve it. Google's core update is a screaming event for many bloggers, but it wasn't until I noticed this error that I thought it wasn't bad in general. Thank you for visiting us. So, then(^^)/

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