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The funny spams I met on Facebook

2020, 7, 15,

Did you know that becoming an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer will increase the number of friend requests from strangers on Facebook?

On a daily basis, there are a lot of friend requests on Facebook for Amazon word of mouth, but there are a tremendous number of friend requests that surpass them. Apparently, it's because you've approved a spam account. The amount of things is more than 300 cases per night.

This time, was it interesting to face such spam friend requests? Learn how to spot spam accounts while introducing your profile and chat experience.

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The funny spams I met on Facebook

First of all, I'd like to introduce a profile that was personally interesting in a friend request that came like spam.

People who don't know how to read

Beginner. The character which is attached to the top and bottom of the alphabet.

Intermediate. Looks the same letter, but do you understand how many words?

Advanced edition. Somehow characters like smartphone icons are mixed.

Erotic people

It's like a honeytrap. I think that the person who exposes the upper body is nothing more than the trap any longer. It is not made to such a plouff only with the girl who does a special occupation with the actress.

Are you an actress? There was a person who did not become erotic

People who seem to be dangerous

It is a member of IS. The heart mark is more scary.

What country is the king?

A person who came out in a fantasy movie. Youtuber Poi, isn't it? A person who is trying to create a sense of security by disguised as a

Japanese. What is the best thing that suits your power? Are you a hunting people?

I tried chatting with spam.

I tried chatting with spam quite a bit, but I've erased the exchange with the guy who is blatantly bad. I will only introduce what was left as a capture.

Is it a chatbot?

I tried to guide me to LINE anyway in unfamiliar Japanese. As the image says, words like "I really want to discuss something very important now" are also meaningless. I felt like a chatbot.

Straight-to-knife honey traps

This person is an erotic feeling. It is already too straight. Everyone tries to guide line Is the guidance to LINE such a rag?

MLM Buyers

The flow of the story is too forcibly, and it is unbearable because it is noisy.

If you can make money, facebook is not the only person who can advance side jobs that you can't choose, linkedin and Twitter, but I can't do that.

How to tell spam accounts

If you approve your friends without refusing to come, you will receive applications from spam accounts like me this time. The best way to tell is to check if your friend has an outright spam account.

Be aware that approving an application from the one above will result in a rush of applications from your spam account, such as the honeytrap spam account example


Beware of account takeovers

If you enjoyed chatting with spam, a friend request was sent to someone I didn't recognize in the notifications. I had concerns that my account was being hijacked, so I forgot how I did it, but I quickly updated my password and logged out of all my devices. If you feel that it is dangerous, I think it is better to lock it or update the password.


This time, I introduced Facebook spam because it was interesting, but I think that it is better not to imitate it because it is dangerous. The point of not stepping on a spam account like I do is to make sure that your friends in the claimed account are not spam. Worst of all, you can get involved in a malicious crime, so be careful! That's it for this time. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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