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Supervised by Oleore? Trial verification to get Google to highly evaluate E-A-T

2020, 5, 15,

Google, don't bully me with a core update!

Good evening, I'm a blogger who is hit every time in the core update that Google performs three to four times a year. In order to resist the core update conducted by Google around May 4, 2020, we decided to try and verify whether "E-A-T" was highly evaluated by changing the position and content of the profile column from our own inference. This time we will share the contents.

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What is E-A-T?

This time, we will talk about measures against E-A-T, but what is E-A-T in the first place? I will introduce the meaning for people. E-A-T isan indicator of the designations of the three characteristics of E xpertise (expertise), A uthoritativeness (authority), and T rustworthiness (reliability). It appeared from Google's search quality evaluation guidelines on March 31, 2014. In recent years, it is said that it is an important indicator when determining the search ranking in search engines.

How Google rates articles

I will talk about E-A-T measures immediately, but first I will introduce your thoughts on how Google evaluates E-A-T. When Google evaluates the E-A-T of the article, it seems that he has not seen anything as if the description is really correct. That's right, and if you put in such a decision process, it will never end to check the content that is increasing at the exponential level. Then, how you evaluate E-A-T, it seems that you are watching "the number of backlinks from trusted sites" when it comes to a famous place. However, this is difficult to increase intentionally and difficult to take. I think that evaluations are made in various ways other than backlinks, but what I have earned an eye on this time is the composition of the article. Personally, I thought that Google is judging E-A-T in the composition of the article. Machine learning and deep learning are in this era of fashion, so I think that we are evaluating by letting them study a lot of authoritative articles and comparing them with that trend.

What is the composition of E-A-T's high article?

So, I thought about what kind of structure is the composition of the likely article of E-A-T. I think that there is an article that E-A-T seems to be easy to understand and expensive, and there is a supervisor. If you supervise an article by a celebrity, I think that the E-A-T of the article will go up a lot. So, the person who writes such an article thought about what to do with the article composition... I think that I want to bring the supervisor at the beginning of the article so much that I want to intimidate it if this person supervises it. I'm sure Google is watching this kind of configuration. And I thinkthat I probably haven't made a truth judgment like "who supervised" As the composition of the article, the profile comes to the top, contains the letter "supervision", and I feel that I am evaluating it based on whether there is a title like "CEO" or "Professor" with the name "Real name".

What was implemented as an E-A-T countermeasure

From the above inferences, I changed the article composition of the blog by two points.

Change the profile position from the bottom of the article to the top of the article

I decided to bring the top profile column that was placed at the end of the article. I'm sure there's a profile on the head of this article too! I'm going to change the way I write it differently depending on the theme of my blog, but it was an easy way to change the position of one line of code.

Changed profile to Oleore supervision

The headline of the profile is "the person who wrote this article" by default, but I changed it to "author and supervisor and operator of this blog", and dared to put the word "supervision". It is not an Oleore certificate that became popular for a while with SSL certificates, etc., but it is a change method w, I searched "the person who wrote this article" in the Grep function of sakura editor and found the target and changed it. The know-how around here is surprising to my colleagues, but it may be unique to SE.


So, this time, in order to increase E-A-T, I changed the position of the profile at the beginning and tried "Oleore supervision" to put the letter "supervision" in the profile! I don't know the effect in general, but I'll report any changes. That's it, and this time it's up to here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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