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Why not good just writes quality articles in response to Google Core updates

2020, 6, 20,

Do you think that the preparation for Google core update is just to write a high quality article?

In recent years, Google's core updates have been made three or four times a year. Recently, Google's core update on May 4, 2020 was quite influenty, and we often saw bloggers who were swinding due to a sharp decrease in access.

As a countermeasure, on Twitter, there are many people who say "Our thing is just to write high-quality articles" "I will do my best in rewriting", but that is not good, isn't it? I thought, so I will describe the story.

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Background of core update

In the first place, I will explain my theory from the background of whether core updates are being implemented.

Content saturation

In recent years, content saturation has occurred in various places. Content saturation is used in the nuance of "viewer content" where the amount< of content is oversupplyed to the viewer. There are two reasons why the amount of content is saturated.

The Age of Sending Personal Information

The first is that it has become an era in which not only companies but also individuals transmit information because of the spread of technologies such as the Internet and the birth of tools that can easily transmit information on the Web, which has lowered the threshold for transmitting personal information.

Proliferation of Natural Language Generation (NLG) Tools

The other is the proliferation of natural language generation tools. WordSmith, a service that automatically generates sentences from data, generates 15 billion sentences a year and posts many articles to the internet world. Some of these tools are able to easily automatically generate fairly high-precision sentences, spurring an increase in content volume.

What happens on content-saturated media

When content becomes saturated, users can't reach the information they want to know. Therefore, the following functions will be added.

  • Ranking function that ranks content
  • Recommendation to advance content that matches user directivity

I think that you can think that Google's core update also belongs to the ranking function in this.

Why not good just writes quality articles in response to Google Core updates

I will describe the reason why it is not goodthat it is only a measure to write a high-quality article in the core update measures of the main subject.

Rivalry continues to grow, rankings continue to grow in difficulty

The increase in content written on the background of the core update described above is expected to continue to increase at a higher rate than the previous increase. So, if you already have a track record of ranking down, it means that the rival content will continue to increase in the same increment or more. It is more advantageous for the successor to demonstrate high quality, and since it is possible to create content based on the investigation of existing content when creating articles, there is a high possibility of losing quality. So, even if you improve the quality of the content, the ranking will not necessarily go up at the time of the core update, and even if you win the first place after a hard time, the difficulty of holding the ranking will increase steadily. It's a red ocean.

Search engine usage is decreasing

In recent years, various SNS have emerged, and the place where users spend disposable time has diversified. Since the sum of the number of people who browse and the disposable time does not change, the amount of search engine usage will decrease relatively. Therefore, as a search engine countermeasure, even if the quality of the content is polished, poorness is visible. I think it is important to disseminate information widely to other SNS and media with an omnichannel strategy. In that case, I think that it is important to transmit information in a form that can not write as much effort as possible.

How To Content Is Also Important for Media Selection

Even if you're so high quality, a lot of how-to content can't beat video content. The more complex the niche, the more minutes come out of the video than the diagram or textual commentary. So, it is better to reconsider from the media selection part, not the text as a way to improve the quality. Otherwise, it will be a situation where you will challenge the gun with a bamboo spear.

What content may not be able to attract customers

In the case of lexicographical content that simply responds to what the user wants to know, the direct Answer Service function introduced by Google recently solves the problem by the viewer before accessing the blog, so it is not possible to attract customers. Wikipedia lost 3 billion accesses in fiscal 2019, which represents this situation.

If the content you are trying to rewrite and improve quality is lexicographical content, I think it is better to determine yourself whether to improve the quality in the first place.

Some mobile-friendly measures are wasted

Google's theme is to create a mobile-friendly site. For example, it is recommended to load the image delay that does not load all images at the initial display of the screen, and we also adopted our blog. However,if 5G penetrates and the communication speed increases by 20 times, it is expected that it will not need to be an image delay loading function, and conversely, the image will flicker and will not be mobile friendly. So, I don't think some of the mobile-friendly measures need to be taken too much.


I see quite a few people who list only things like "write high-quality articles" or "rewrite hard work" in measures for Google's core update, but I think that it is not good if it is only that strategy.

Let's take the following specific measures.

  • Think about attracting customers not only with search engines but also in various media
  • Rethinking information transmission in a medium other than sentences In this case, we will look for ways that do not take as much effort as possible
  • Better time, using NLG (Natural Language Generation)
  • Quit attracting customers with useful content (because it's Red Ocean)

If you feel like it, I will also describe it here. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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