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The story hit by the Google Core update

2019, 12, 21,

The PV has been reduced to 1/5 after being hit by the Google core update! !!

Today, I'm going to write about Google's core update, which was hit in September 2019.

Common sense metabolic point

Old common sense

attracting customers on one medium

New common sense

attracting customers is recommended for people like this

I want you to read it to such a person.

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Hit by Google Core Update

Core Update Hit Status

The timing of March 2019 was windless because there was not enough content to hit. However, at this time, I wrote an article every day, so I feel like pv could have gone up a little more. Maybe I was eating the core update. I don't think the Core Update in June had much of an impact because it didn't impress me. When I was hit by a full-fledged Google Core Update, it was September 2019. The number of PV that had been increasing steadily until then has decreased sharply. However, it is a story of several pages that I was hit. However, in accordance with Pareto's law, specific content occupied 80% of PV. So, due to the fall of this content, PV has shrunk to 1/5 to 1/6th place. Although it had grown to nearly 10,000 PV per month, it has fallen to about 1,500 PV/ month. To put it mildly, it may have shrunk to 1/10th place in terms of instantaneous wind speed. In front of the core update, there were days when it increased to 600 PV/day. Considering that there was a possibility of about 15,000 PV / month, 1,500 PV is 1/10.

As shown in the figure above, the PV has decreased. Honestly, it was quite dent. I believe in the growth curve of PV, and I think I can eventually become independent. I was also thinking about things like that. But that thought is shattered.

Every day I search for core updates on Twitter

Isn't this something wrong? I was searching on Twitter every day for "core updates". Some of the tweets were more exposed than themselves, with incomes sharply reduced from 1 million to 200,000. Compared to them, I was comforting myself that I might have been better. As a general rule, this core update is unpopular, and there is also a thing that searchers have come to display information that searchers are not looking for, and I was hoping that my article will bloom someday. At the timing of the core update, some people seem to be able to see the rankings emerge.

The koto to revive from the core update

Anyway, I aim to make it an easy-to-see site configuration

Until now, I posted a thing to update 100 articles for the time being. For this reason, I did not update the theme of the blog too much, so I maintained this and that every day.

PageSpeedInsight support

There is a web tool called Page Speed Insights that can measure the degree of comfort when browsing a blog, but in order to get a good score here, we have separated the plug-in and introduced a plug-in like that. In particular, google adsense ads are so slow that we've changed our settings so that they don't advertise.

change the way citations are attached

In recent core updates,there is a concept of EAT, and it seems important to increase authority. So, I went back to the original English site to find out what the source site itself seems to have no authority. We've also made it also include the source of the game's images. Since game images can also be advertisements for source, it is rare to be sued basically. However, I wanted to avoid incurring disadvantages such as a decrease in authority by not being able to write copyright-related notation, so I tried to write the source.

Change tabular format

The content in the tabular format was very difficult to see when displayed on a smartphone. So, I decided to divide the display method on the screen for smartphones and PCs by conditional branching with tags.

Change table of contents

I felt that it was more convenient to be able to return from the place where I flew to the table of contents, so I changed it. I summarize it here with know-how.

Change site name and concept master

The concept of "metabolism of common sense" is more catchy than "Yuya's inspiration" itself, so I replaced the master of the display on the site. I also reworked icons and header images like that.

Rewriting sentences

I reviewed the 100 articles I've written so far and rewrite them for two to three weeks. When I reviewed it, there were many regrettable parts, such as a leap in writing. In order to improve the readability, I put a teko.

Use of SNS

Since the inflow to the blog is dangerous when it comes to Google request, we are trial and error variously so that it can attract customers on SNS. One is Tweet Bot. There are articles that have been tried and tested in various ways, so please take a look if you are interested.

Have you been resurrected from the core update?

In addition to the above, I did various efforts that I could not write out. However, it was not at all whether it revived from the core update. However, there was no recognition that I did a completely barren work, and I maintained it firmly, so I was able to have a little confidence in the blog.

What do we do in the future?

Because it is this time, I think that I will try Youtube and video-based content. However, I'm thinking of writing a blog for the time being. I'm very happy that I can share my know-how with you by writing.


In my blog, I looked back and described the contents of the core update that was hit in 2019. I feel that people who are hit in the same way will be able to remember their sense of camaraderie. Some people, like me, are going up, so let's do our best again if you were hit by the core update! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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