Introduction of ultra-fast Oisix cuisine Kit "chicken fried salsa "

2021, 10, 17,

I want to make a delicious dinner at explosive speed!

This time, we will introduce the recipe "Chicken Fried Salsa Style" that was able to cook by far the fastest among Oisix's cooking kits that fulfill such wishes!

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Chicken fried salsa-style recipe

The recipe that comes with the chicken fried salsa-style Kit is as shown below.

The only seasoning to prepare yourself is olive oil, so first of all, it is a dish Kit that does not have trouble with ingredients.

Chicken fried salsa-style accessories

And the ingredients that actually come with it are as follows.

Try cooking a chicken fried salsa style.

  1. Bake (warm) Fry chicken Leave a little bit of chicken fry and heat in the microwave for 1 minute (the wattage was not listed, so I took a cheap pie and warmed it at 500W).
    When you're done warming, don't pull the oil in a frying pan, spread the chicken fries roughly and bake both sides over medium heat (stronger) for 2 minutes

    Because it is already a cooked ingredient, it feels more warming than baking.
  2. Make the salsa-style sauce Cut the tomatoes into quarters, roughly chop the 2 peppers, put them in a bowl, add the included sauce and stir.
  3. Serve the baby leaf mix on a plate, then line the chicken fries there and top with salsa-style sauce.

That's it! It was very easy to make!

Food repo

I don't take much time and effort, but it's usually delicious (^^♪

I guess the pre-cooking and recipes are excellent.


This time, we introduced Oisix's dish Kit "Chicken Fried Salsa Style"! I thought it was a great recipe for families who are very quick to make, delicious and hard to make time to cook dinner! If you think it looks good, please give it a try!


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