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Report on the use of "Buffet Four rooms" in Koshigaya Lake town

2021, 10, 19,

I want to have a fun buffet with my children!

With this in mind, I used the buffet "Buffet for Room Vinegar" at Koshigaya Lake Town Lunch the other day, so I will report on it!

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How to get to Buffet Four Rooms in Koshigaya Laketown

Koshigaya Lake Town itself is directly connected to Koshigaya Lake town station on the JR Musashino Line. "Buffet Forrooms" is located on the 3rd floor of the KAZE area. It is a 5-minute walk from the station.


"Buffet Forrooms"

The hospitality was great.

When I talked about using three people with children, when I was passed to the table, the table was already equipped with a children's chair. What's more, on the left side to make it easier for parents to feed their children.

I think that this hospitality is a consideration that only parents with children know, but I was a little impressed. I think that it would be amazing if this was made into a manual.

Covid-19 Countermeasures

The buffet is mandatory to wear vinyl gloves and a mask as a measure of corona. Vinyl gloves were placed in the buffet corner and were taken by self as appropriate.

In addition, each seat was equipped with a transparent partition, and effective measures against COVID-19 were in place.

The seat has a transparent partition

Buffets have a lot of DIY

The buffet was not just about taking ingredients of your own choice, but also making smoothies using your favorite ingredients, making croissants, curry, udon, pasta and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) was impressive.

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I especially liked the point that smoothies can be made.

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Return of tableware used, clean up leftovers are also self-help

In this buffet, there are spaces in various places to return dishes and dispose of leftovers, and customers will also carry out cleaning up.

I thought that it was a well-thought-out mechanism, but there were many customers who were rough in cleaning up, and the clerk supported us.

About the use of "Buffet Forrooms"

Course fees

The fee for lunch at Buffet Forrooms is divided into three types, all of which can be used slowly for unlimited time. I chose a standard course because I wanted to eat sushi at my house.

Sushi is a method of choosing from 50 items, writing up to 8 items on paper by hand and posting it, and going to pick it when the transmitter passed in advance rings.

What's the congestion situation?

I think that my house used around 11:15, but this time the seats were still vacant and comfortable, but around 12:15 when we finished using it, there was a waiting line in a considerable crowded situation.

Because there are customers who move from lunch to café by unlimited time, I think that it is better to shift to early time if you do not like to wait when using it on Saturdays and Sundays.


This time, we introduced "Buffet Forrooms", a shop that can be buffeted with lunch with children at Koshigaya Lake Town.

I personally was quite satisfied that I could use it for unlimited time, had a hospitality spirit, and there were dishes that I could make myself from ingredients.

It is a recommended buffet, so if you are interested, please try it!

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