Fascia release by thrust method?

2018, 9, 25,

Good evening, Yuya @health care personality. Did you know that there is a thrust method in the treatment method of chiropractic? Recently, I had the experience of beating the bones of my neck at an acupuncture and moxibustion osteopathic clinic that opened in the neighborhood of my house. In the place examined later, I found that this treatment is apparently similar to the thrust method of the cervical spine, but this time I would like to introduce this thrust method and fascia release for those who are concerned about stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

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Experience of thrust treatment

There was an acupuncture and moxibustion osteopathic clinic that was campaigning before opening in a big way near my house, and I tried it because I could receive treatment for free once.

Pointed out neck and shoulder stiffness in the inquiry

I write the neck shoulder stiffness of the chronic disease and receive an inquiry. When the operation check of the neck was performed, it was pointed out that the tension of the shoulder when knocked down sideways was different on the left and right. When I was told, I realized that it is certainly difficult to knock down to the right. I can choose two types of treatment, so I choose two types of massage and correction.

Massage Treatment

Massages are received directly by the manager. Even if you receive shiatsu that seems to have a certain arm, the flower blooms from the story of hearing the management plan of the store to the story of fasting or cancer, and it is time up before concentrated on shiatsu. It is straightening while feeling unsatisfactory. Well, it's free.

Diagnosis before correction

The smile in charge of correction touches the baton to a wonderful elder brother, enters the condition by shiatsu, and the pain on both sides of the neck is pointed out. I often thought that it hurts every time when I get shiatsu with neck and shoulder stiffness at massage shops. This is asserted that it can be cured in an instant by correction treatment due to distortion of the bone of the neck, and you feel "surprise" and "excitement", and expectations for treatment increase.

Implementation of orthodontic treatment

First of all, it is laid on the bed, and it is fixed in the place where the neck is twisted about twice in the state. And, the neck is twisted further from there at a stretch. There is a technique called trans-lotus used by a character named Retsukaio who appears in the manga "Grappler Blade Fang". The feeling of how to turn the neck is the image of the place where this technique was applied. After tasting this gokigoki twice on the left and right, I was really surprised when I had the side of my neck acupressure, "Seriously, it certainly doesn't hurt anymore!"

Next, it is a spine. Is this an unexprance? There was no sound, but it seems to have had an effect. This is the end of the treatment.

I examined the thrust method.

I was worried about the contents of the treatment, so after I returned to the house, I was worried about the treatment I received, so when I examined it on the net, I found that it was a thrust method to say a treatment method that corrects the neck and waist by sounding a sound .

Is the thrust method of the cervical spine prohibited?

The thrust method seems to be a treatment method that has recently been banned for the cervical spine, and it seems that it is because a famous actress in Europe and america failed with this treatment and died. However, the probability of an accident seems to be quite low, and it seems that the practitioner was puzzled in response to this notice.

What is the difference in approach to fascia release?

Do you know the treatment (gymnastics) that works on the fascia called fascia release and rolfing?

The fascia is a general term for the membranes that wrap the muscles and internal organs of vertebrates (e.g., gerota fascia that wraps the kidneys and adrenal glands). Fascia is a connective tissue that not only envelops the tissues of the whole body, but also binds between tissues. It is difficult to put together the word fascia, and although it is necessary to name it in detail anatomically, the classification method is not established among experts at present. It is a dense connective tissue composed mainly of mechanically extremely strong type I collagen fibers, and collagen fiber bundles are run so as to cross in various directions. There are a small number of fibrous (bud) cells between the fibers. Wrinkles or stiffness in the fascia surrounding the muscles may cause symptoms of stiffness (stiff shoulders, etc.). Acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and massage, which have been practiced since ancient times, may have kept their fascias in a normal state.

Source: Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia

Neck and spine distortion is caused by the adhesion of the fascia by an unnatural posture. Fascia release peels off adhesions one place at a time by pushing this fascia adhesion for a certain period of time. If all adhesions are removed, the bone is corrected as a result and posture is improved.

On the other hand, the correction by the thrust method may be an act of peeling off the adhesion of the fascia at once by correcting the bone.

Both approaches can achieve the goal of correcting posture. I think we're talking about taking risks or taking speed.

Organizing notes

  • Thrust method is fast but risky
  • Fascia release takes time but is safe

As an aside, I thought that these two treatments are somehow similar to hunters × hunter's approach of acquiring the mind. Wake up slowly or forcibly wake up? When I go to receive such a treatment, it is interesting to notice various things such as the body's body and the mechanism of the human body.


If you are suffering from stiffness in your neck or shoulder, we recommend that you go to chiropractic once in a while! There are places where you can treat at about 500 yen once with insurance coverage! If you're short of time and money, it's also a good idea to try chiropractic yourself.

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