I went to "BASSANOVA" in Harajuku to eat green curry buckwheat

2020, 9, 7,

What ramen do you like? I'm Yuya, who loves ramen.

Today, I was going to have lunch alone in Harajuku, so I went to a shop called BASSANOVA recommended by my stylist!

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I went to BASSANOVA in Harajuku to eat green curry soba.

"BASSANOVA" that I visited this time is a shop on the side road on the right side just after getting off at the Takeshita Street exit of Harajuku Station and entering Takeshita Street. "BASSANOVA" is a place where retro hideaway shops line up, and you can see the eye-catching orange shop structure.

Business hours are from 12:00 to 21:30 every day. We may be doing irregular business due to corona, so please check the homepage of the following shop for details.

Inside the store

The influence of corona or the visitor was few.

The wooden floor is impressive in the shop, and is it a little tropical style? I had an image. What I was worried about was the customer's entry. I visited here after 13:00 on Sunday, and it was time when the customer was cut off, but it was so vacant that I was worried that I only saw one family between my visit and the time I returned.

How to place an order

Like many ramen shops, it is a system to buy food tickets. It was a bit of a funky vending machine, so I didn't notice it at first (;^ω^)

Green curry, Tom Yan kung, laksa, etc. can be selected

My choice was The stylist who recommended this shop recommended the green curry!

It is written as the most popular no. 1 on the signboard, and green curry buckwheas may be synonymous with this shop.

Green Curry Bucky Report

It is a food repo immediately. When asked whether it is ramen or curry, I think that it is closer to curry. The taste is delicious green curry, and the ingredients on it have noodles, char siu, and menma, and it has a soba (ramen) feeling. Anyway, each ingredient produced a good taste and it was delicious. In particular, the elasticity of the noodles was very impressive. And if you ask for rice, it was good to be able to eat it as curry rice after finishing eating noodles. It is like "Larizo (ramen risotto)" in the place called taiyo ramen. I ate it without leaving the soup. At first, when recommended by the stylist, curry and ramen? I felt doubts about the combination, but after eating it, I came to realize that curry buckt and curry ramen are also delicious, just as curry udon is delicious.


After a long absence, I was satisfied with eating interesting and delicious ramen. There are no people at all, and I think it is really a secret place, so it is recommended. If you are interested, please come and visit! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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