It is better to eat natto when taking antibiotics.

2021, 9, 21,

Good evening is Yuya @health pursuit personality. This time, I will talk about "When taking antibiotics, it is better to eat natto at the same time".

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who need to take antibiotics
  • Those who suffer from allergies or asthma

The adverse effects of the growth of Candida bacteria when taken antibiotics

As I mentioned before, antibiotics can be taken, but they also eradicate not only the causative bacteria that cause bacterial infection but also the good bacteria that make up intestinal flora. Even after the bactericidal bacteria are sterilized, intestinal bacteria revive, but their composition changes as before antibiotics are used, and the candida of the fungus often increases. In January 2014, research by the University of Tsukuba and the University of Michigan in the U.S. elucidated the mechanism by which this candida growth exacerbates allergic inflammation such as asthma. To briefly explain this mechanism, toxins emitted by candida proliferating in the intestine cause various diseases as "leaky gut syndrome" and "late food allergy" from toxins that dissolve the intestine and absorb from it.

Growth of Candida bacteria can be suppressed by natto bacteria

So, the story I wanted to introduce this time is that you should eat natto when you are taking antibiotics. The reason why it is good to eat natto is that natto bacteria contained in natto suppress the growth of Candida bacteria according to a survey by the Japan Natto Kinase Association.

If Candida bacteria spread, fast.

Even if Candida bacteria have grown, natto bacteria are effective, but in this case, it is recommended to fast once to reset Candida bacteria. Candida bacteria live by sugar metabolism, so they can be sterilized by fasting.



This time, it was a story that it is better to eat natto when taking antibiotics! If you need to take antibiotics, please eat natto! Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/