I send out life hack information such as healthcare and promote the metabolism of common sense! His main book is " Let's metabolize common sense of health! "


Let's metabolize the common sense of toothbrushing!


I introduce the knowledge that overturns the conventional common sense that we have been asked about the optimal toothpaste in four parts! 1 Toothpaste Harmful 2 Cavity Process 3 Optimal Toothbrushing Methods 4 Ways to Sterilize Tooth Decay Bacteria

Healthcare Product introduction

In order to disinfect bacteria adhering to the toothbrush, I tried a Toothbrush disinfector made in Japan (manufactured by MEDIK) that is sterilized with ultraviolet rays!


If you use it once, the same amount of bacteria as the toilet bowl, if you continue to use it for a month, 70 times or more bacteria will adhere to the toilet, so using a toothbrush in this state is not good for dental hygiene, so I introduced a Toothbrush disinfector made in Japan (MEDIK) to sterilize this!

Healthcare I investigated.

Can I eat honey and yogurt together?


Honey has a bactericidal effect, so I wondered if lactic acid bacteria would die when I ate it with yogurt, so I examined it. Honey has the effect of sterilizing bad bacteria, but if you take too much, bifidobacteria and good bacteria seem to be done.

Healthcare Know-how

The secret of exercise? Benefits of changing the perception of the soles of the feet


To tell the truth, this is an error though it is thought that a lot of people who are involved in sports were knocked into the center of gravity of the sole of the foot to the toe and the thumb ball when standing up. Because there is a role of the brake on the toe, the brake is applied to the instantaneous force. In addition, the center of gravity of the toe promotes the cat back.


Stretching not to be done when warming up


Stretching the Achilles tendon during warm-up or performing a static stretch that stretches the back of the knee makes it easier to get injured when exercising. Therefore, stretch before exercising should be a dynamic stretch like radio calisthenics!

Know-how Lifehack

How to reduce liquid splashes when pouring marusan paper pack unadjusted soy milk


I make yogurt using marusan's 1L paper carton soymilk once a week with hot cook, but I was worried that the liquid would splash and the soymilk would adhere to the wall surface every time I poured it into the inner kiln. but,
I learned that this can be reduced by changing the cap position when pouring.


"Fatten like a cow" is misinterpreted! If you observe the precautions, it is a good practice to "eat and lie down immediately"!


Some people misinterpret eat and become a cow when you lie down immediately, but this lesson suggests that you reverse what you eat like a cow. If you eat immediately after following precautions and lie down immediately, you can promote digestion and expect a diet effect.


It is better to eat natto when taking antibiotics.


Antibiotics may vary, but if you take it, it will disinfect not only the cause but also the resident bacteria in the intestines, causing abnormal growth of Candida bacteria and causing Leekid syndrome. Natto bacteria contained in natto as a countermeasure are recommended to suppress the growth of Candida bacteria.

I investigated. Thought

Necessity of information scrutiny in the dissemination of health-related information


It is clear that the water 2l health method transmitted in the information program that Mr. Monta used to serve in the past causes unhealthy, which is water poison when practiced. It was very difficult to imagine that the information I sent out would damage the health of others, and I thought that I had to avoid misinformation.


How to determine the edible foodability when mold grows on the skin of melons


Method of determination when mold is found in the skin of melon 1. Olfactory and visual check Discard if applicable below ・ There is a strange odor like garbage ・ The seed is black and discolored 2. Removal of ineviolable parts 3-4 cm from the erosion part of mold 3. Taste check If the next taste is made, throw it away ・ Puri-tingle ・ Bitter ・ Sour