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Store your personal reputation with Amazon product reviews! Aim for reviewers top and Amazon Vine pree ahead program

2019, 3, 11,

Do you comment or rate when you shop at Amazon? In the last two years or so, I've often bought something through the Amazon Vine Pre-e-go program. I buy books on Amazon kindle because paper books are bulky. In the meantime, recently I started to review products bought on Amazon. This is because I felt that doing a review was "for myself". This time, while digging deeper into this part that I felt "will be for myself", I will introduce the reviewer ranking and the product monitoring system called Amazon Vine preeatment program that promotes the enjoyment of Amazon reviews that have come into view by further reviewing.

Recommended for such a person

  • Those who use Amazon a lot
  • Those who want to increase the reviewer ranking
  • Those who want to participate in the Amazon Vine Pree ahead program

Why I tried to do Amazon's product review

To store personal evaluations

I believe that the coming era will come in an era of value-based values in which evaluation of individuals, not companies, is influential.

This sign is beginning to appear, and what is easy to understand is the credit score of Chinese Shibama Credit. Shibama Credit calculates individual scores based on the usage status of Alibaba series apps. Those with this high score can enjoy various incentives such as not having to pay a hotel deposit. I think this trend will eventually spread to the world. In order to gain this individual's reputation, I believe that it is important to disseminate my thoughts and thoughts on various platforms and digitize and accumulate them. This idea is also the motivation for describing the blog, and the Amazon review introduced this time is based on this idea. I think that doing a review that is useful to everyone will enhance my reputation and do a review. With the same motivation, I also do Google's Local Guide.

Because we thought that output was important for the establishment of knowledge

A good percentage of the products purchased on Amazon are books purchased with kindle. The knowledge gained in the book will not take hold unless you explain it in your own words or practice it. So, I use the review column to organize and output my thoughts.

What I found out by doing Amazon's product review

I'm glad to be hit by the "helpful" button

When purchasing Amazon products, I think that many people are judged by looking at the number of ☆ and the contents of word of mouth. At this time, did you know that there is a button called "Useful" after word of mouth? Here,when you press the "Useful" button, the number of "helpful votes" displayed on the profile of the person who wrote the word of mouth increases. I'm glad to realize that my word of mouth has been useful by this increase. I'm also happy to review the reviews and see that the number of references to reviews of products that I recommend is increasing.

It's fun to aim for the top in the reviewer's rankings

I wasn't aware of it at first, butwhen I review Amazon's products, I'll be ranked by a reviewer ranking. This ranking seems to be determined by the total number of reviews, the number of "helpful" cases, and the index of percent reference. One of the recent pleasures is this reviewer ranking. It's updated every Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to seeing how far the reviewer ranking has risen every week.

Reference: History of my reviewer ranking

For your reference, I would like to introduce the history of my reviewer ranking since the beginning of 2019.

2020/05/019506929497397%・遂にベスト1,000レビュアーになりました( ;∀;)
2020/05/01 added! Best 1000 Review Commemorative Capture

Is this ranking amazing?

It's amazing to say that the population number is about 10 million?! But if you review 10 cases, it will be order of about 10,000, so it may not be so great w[/ speech_bubble]

I want to be invited to amazon vine pre-order program

I also learned that there is an Amazon Vine preearse program while doing reviewer rankings. The Amazon Vine Preegitive Program is a so-called "product monitoring" system in which companies provide products that are to be released free of charge via Amazon and review and post this impression. It is a program that you can not participate unless invited by Amazon side, and it is not something that you can say that you want to be.

[What is the Amazon Vine Pree/A Program?] The Amazon Vine Preemptive Program (the "Program") is an invitation-only program in which customers can use samples of reserved or new products and post their opinions and impressions as customer reviews. As a member of the Program, you have a track record of posting candid customer reviews that are useful to other customers. Amazon.co.jp sends samples provided by each vendor to members free of charge.

It can be said that it is a title with endorsement from Amazon, so I would like to get it if possible. I'm looking forward to not only ranking reviewers, but also not hearing fromthe Amazon Vine preear them program.

* Members of the Amazon Vine Pree ahead program will be given the title "VINE Member" on their profiles.

What is the top review of amazon vine pre-eels?

The exact selection criteria and methods for Amazon Vine have not been disclosed. When we collected information on the 5ch bulletin board where Amazon Vine people gathered, they commented as follows.

5ch Memo for Amazon Vine

  • Even if there are about 10 reviews, it will be invited
  • Even within 1000, when you are not there
  • Top reviews require a review of "a large number of helpful votes" and "many of the people who read it actually buy it"

[blogcard url="https://mevius.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/affiliate/1551951530/"] [/blogcard] It seems to be important to write a top review, so I checked the reviews of Vine members to confirm the deliberations.

[speech_bubble type="drop" subtype="L1" icon="bozu.png" name="" name=") Certainly there are a lot of "helpful votes"

Why don't you combine macros and hit the "helpful" button?
I don't like such a trick w I'm going to write a review that will be as helpful as possible

Feel Amazon's commitment to quality

If you don't like the contents of the product very much, honestly lower the ☆ of the evaluation. If you get a rating of ☆2 or less here, you can see that there is a strong following from the manufacturer. This is because Amazon may prohibit sales ofproducts below ☆3. If you add a low rating, you will receive an email like the following, and you will receive a negotiation email that will raise the evaluation because you will send a substitute product, or delete the evaluation.

I understand the feeling, but I don't want to try to twist the rating


Summarize the significance of doing Amazon's product reviews


  • To accumulate value as useful information through reviews
  • To output the contents of the book and make it my own flesh and blood
  • To enjoy the reviewer ranking
  • If you're in a hurry, to be invited to the Amazon Vine preevitational program

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