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Blog operation report_300 articles and continuous posts for about half a year

2020, 5, 26,

I'm Yuya, a blogger who has posted the 300th article and has posted consecutive posts for about half a year, which is 178 days at the time of this posting.

This time, it's the timing of such a turning point, so I will write about the operation status of the blog and future policy.

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Review of the last 100 posts

Changes in the way we post

I've been posting a lot of reserved posts every day. If you post a reservation until 2-3 days in advance, I think that you can afford the mind. And I found out why reservation posts sometimes fail while using reservation posts a lot. It seems to be a specification that fails if there is no access to the blog at the reserved time zone. So, if the reserved post is a blog with not many accesses, it will fail.

Content changes

Challenge to introduce the highlights of books

It seems that most of the confirmation work is done, and it does not buy the one which has not been confirmed. Based on this reason, when introducing books, the number of buyers increases for publishers and authors. It also gives the reader awareness, and I can look back on my past awareness. As a result, I thought it was wonderful that the four people benefited, so I tried a demonstration experiment of an article that introduces the highlights of the works I have read in kindle so far. The reaction on LinkedIn was good, andthere were articles featured in Linked In's News editorial department.

However, there is almost no search inflow from Google. I feel like it's a bit gray in terms of copyright, and there are quite a lot of introduction articles of the book, so I think that there is no help for it.

More childcare and cooking content

With the birth in January 2020, childcare began and opportunities to cook increased, and the number of articles introducing products used in childcare and demonstration articles on dishes using hot cooking have increased. This is based on the real experience I've been struggling with, so I think it's worth it. In addition, it was an article that could not be written if you missed this time, and there was a purpose to keep it as a record before the troubles at that time and the know-how gained faded. I made "00" with hot cook! For cooking content, pv is collected that is not in the official recipe. A trail of Google's originality I thought that it was.

Impact of core updates

The core update on 05/04/2020 also reduced pv. It fell from a place where the PV had risen considerably during Golden Week, so I can not say anything about the lowering condition, but there was an influence close to halving. I have the impression that screaming tweets were bigger than when the core update in January. When we surveyed them on Twitter, 85% of people said that the number of accesses decreased, which was less than 60.

Google's core update is already a recoorless event. As the transmission of personal information acceleratesand AI becomes an era of writing articles, the number of articles posted itself increases enormously, so I think it is obvious that the value of my articles will decrease relatively. It's like mowing lawns in a garden, so I think it's better to cut it as halved once every three months. In order to improve EAT as a core update countermeasure, I list my profile at the top of the article and try to supervise oreore who is calling myself a supervisor. 10 days have passed, but so far there has been no dramatic effect. However, it is a response that takes quite a lot of courage to bring my profile to the top of my real name, so I thought that I took a drastic rudder, and I felt that the seriousness in me went up. My profile is messy, so I'm considering whether I can change the contents for each category. Depending on the content of the article, I think it is better to bring the character to the front. In order to win a narrow search ranking, I will not do such measures because it does not match my purpose (but it is boring) to search for keywords that will be holes in SEO or perform competition checks.

Future Policy

Basically, I plan to post every day

I want to leave something as a footprint on the Web every day, so I plan to post every day basically.

Increase challenge content

As I wrote earlier, there is a sense of saturation in useful articles that are seo-conscious, and I have come to understand that red ocean is from now on. So, I'm going to reduce the number of posts of such content. Instead, I will challenge myself in a field where no one has challenged me and where I can make use of my characteristics, and I will make the process into an article. By doing so, I thought that I could create high-quality content that other people have never seen (it is rare) and that no one can write. The challenging content also comes with a story of ups and downs, but there is also a ferrigarity that you want to give birth to fans with this story. And, the challenge content that I am thinking about now is the following two.

1. Conquer all hot cook recipes

I would like to post all 100 preset recipes on this blog. When it comes to Hot Cook's evaluation, most recipes are ★3 ratings, but roughly all of them have ★★★ and it doesn't make much sense. When I actually made it, I found that some recipes that I could not recommend so. So, I'm going to make all 100 recipes. I'm calling myself a Hot Cook Evangelist, but I'm wondering if it's foiled. I don't have much time to do that w

2. Collecting demand and creating investment infrastructure

Second, we are working to create a new mechanism that will not gain understanding from people. As for the theory, we expect the platform of demand collection and investment base to become a major in the next ideology of capitalism. I would like to take on the challenge of creating this platform by making use of my se and consulting know-how. And I'm going to make the process an article. It is fun to see the scenery doing DIY, but I think it would be good if I could have entertainment content close to it. In this process, it is rather welcome that the mechanism is imitated, and it is assumed that it will be a winning content if it is so-called.

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