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Blog Operation Report_222 Articles and 100 Consecutive Posts

2020, 3, 9,

Thanks to you? I started writing blogs and overcame the milestone of 200 posts, and I am currently posting my 222nd good article. In addition, I have recently challenged daily postings, and I have achieved exactly 100 consecutive days of posts in this article(^^)v On the occasion of the two milestones, I would like to introduce what kind of operation I have done while watching the transition of the number of PV and accesses of blogs from 100 posts to the present.

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Changes in PV And Access

Hit in September 2019 Core Update

At the time of the 100 article post operation report posted on September 2, 2019, it was on an uptrend, and pv was growing 1.7 times every month, but it was shot down by the core update that occurred in late September 2019.

After the core update in September 2019, the amount of 100 posts had just increased, so I did my best to increase rewrites and usability.

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I tried a lot, but pv didn't return. However, I personally think it was good to do it because the ability to do it has increased.

From November 2019, we will practice daily posts and restore

I started to post daily from around the end of November 2019 when the Rewrite Festival was over and settled down. I wanted to raise the PV by the time my child is born around the end of January 2020. The way I write articles has changed in various ways as I post daily.

1 Article 1 Theme

The articles I've posted so far have been too packed into one article. For this reason, it takes time to create content, and I regret that the content is difficult to understand. Since I found a trail that did not apply to the established theory with a minimum of 1500 characters, I came to keep inmind one theme per article.

Established a mass production method for articles.

In addition, it was a period of trial and error on how to make a blog story. I also posted the know-how I developed myself w

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Daily Post Results

From the beginning of daily posts to January 20 weeks, pv has risen with a relatively good feeling, so I realized that the effect of daily posts is well.

Flat or down from January 2020

However, it has fallen on a flat or downtrend since January 20, 2020. There are three reasons, the first is the thing that the core update occurred in January 2020, the second is koto that entered childcare leave, and the third is the thing that one article of the mainstay content has expired.

Impact of the January 2020 Core Update

The January 2020 core update felt windless. However, since the PV did not go up from there, I think that the substance was hit. I wanted to know the impact of this core update, and I thought that there were many people who wanted to know as well, so I tried using the questionnaire function on Twitter for the first time.

There seem to have been a lot of bloggers in the situation where it is a screaming situation quite a bit.

Impact of childcare leave

Since my child was born in late January and took childcare leave, I have been busy cooking and raising children. My worries concentrated on childcare and cooking, so I wrote 40 articles that were convenient for me because the posts were biased toward cooking at hot cooking (laughs). I use a lot of images for cooking articles, but it was easy because I could make content by stopping thinking.

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As a result, the hair color of the post has changed dramatically compared to before taking childcare leave, so the access inflow from LinkedIn etc. has decreased w, but I was able to write a large amount of articles that were only packed with hot cooks, so I am satisfied with this, and I am testing a mechanism to increase access inflow using Twittbot to make good use of it.

Flagship content expired

The first article I posted was a smart home article using a smart controller called LSMini, which was the mainstay content displayed after the manufacturer's page.

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But with the successor to this LSMini? The number of visits has been reduced. I realized that there is a shelf life for the product introduction page.

Changes in the breakdown of accesses

As of March 9, 2020, this article has not been demolished before the core update in September 2019. But I don't think it's a pessimistic bad situation. Before the core update, one post was a collection of 80% of the accesses, but at present it is because various articles are accumulating the number of accesses. There is also a situation where my articles are sometimes shared on SNS, so I will slowly watch the growth of the blog. I was thinking of contributing to NewsPicks at some time, but I was surprised to see another person contribute.


I sank with Google's core update, but well, I am trying to comfort my action result in the place where I was able to collect enough accesses to sink. The purpose of my blog is to increase my personal influence and spread my power to the world so as not to attenuate as much as possible. I will continue to blog in the future while correcting the trajectory in light of this purpose. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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