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I posted 100 posts on my blog

2019, 9, 2,

"Blog beginners first, post 100" If you write a blog, I think that it is a goal that you have seen and heard at once. There are various interpretations of the rationale,

  • A certain volume is required to increase domain power as part of SEO
  • To improve your ability to create articles

It seems that there are various things like that. I myself have not written a blog for the purpose of 100 posts, but since I started writing a blog, I have reached the milestone of 100 posts, so I would like to look back on the trial and error in blog management and introduce it.

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I posted 100 posts on my blog

Moving from plug-ins are not available

A year ago, I wanted media to send out my thoughts, so I started a blog that I without researching too much with the intention of starting for the time being. So, when I posted about 10 posts, I learned that I could not use the plug-in which it is the real pleasure of WordPress when it is, and moved to If it was one month before operation, I could do things like cancellation, but I had just been operating for one month, so the money did not come back.

it was easy to get a domain, Google Adsens, Amazon settings, and re-register ads. chooses Affinger5

In, I can improve my environment in various ways, but I wanted to send my thoughts to various people as much as possible, so I chose Affinger5 with high customer attraction performance. Somehow, the price of 14,800 yen (tax included) had just risen, and I felt that it was expensive shopping.

I tried using FaceBook ads

Almost no one sees the article in the early days of the blog. It was a bit boring, so I tried facebook ads. You use the money you've charged to show your ads to the targets you set up. It was 105 PV using 2,000 yen w The return on investment is damn low

Buzz on Amazon's Cyber Monday

On Amazon's Cyber Monday, one article buzzed.

Until then, Twitter had been like a follower, one digit, but I feel that it has increased to three digits. The blog itself experienced 12K PV in three days. I've also experienced a situation called a gun if an email from an affiliate flies like a spam email that occurs when the day changes.

The email flew like this
Accrual rewards can fly like an avalanche
It is like this when opening the mail

I realized that if my income was about 30,000 yen, and if I made it everyday, I might be able to eat rice with this.

Daily blog posts

Format for blogs

As the day-to-day routing of blog posts became established, I began to seek efficiency. I created a stationery for posting while referring to various sites with the thing that I do not bother too much with the description of the blog, and it is easy for readers to see. I think you're all like that. I try to cause articles from such stationery.

+ If you want to see it, please refer to it

I'm writing an article that blends my thoughts into demand

Since articles that do not have any demand are not viewed at all, the current posting style is that they are sending out their ideas into the world in a form that blends their ideas into demand. Sometimes, there are articles that are completely out of demand, but w

However, since the concept of this blog is "metabolism of common sense", I think that it is good if you can present an article that can override some common sense. Sooner or later, even if you don't flatter the demand of the world, will you be able to make a fan who thinks that your ideas are valuable?

Google Search growth rate grew 1.7x?

Changes in pv number

My PV transition is as follows.

It is an influx by search engines such as Google of the blog, but when I analyzed it, I found that it was growing at a pace of about 1.7 times. This is a very frustrating speed when it comes to the beginning. As an analogy, when we try to extend 17 cases in 10 cases, 30 cases in 17 cases, and 51 cases in 30 cases, the increment seems to be an error, but I feel a strong growth speed that 1000 cases are 1700 cases, 1700 cases are 3000 cases, 3000 cases are 5000 cases 5000 cases 5000 cases 9000 cases. I think that this speed will become moderate somewhere, but if you reach this pace a year later, it will lightly exceed 1 million PV, but w If that happens, it will be dangerous. Let's do so w GoogleAdsense's income is roughly 1/4th of PV, so if it is 1 million PV, you can earn 250,000 / month. It is a little short to make a living, but if you can do this, it will be a stepping stone to live while disseminating your thoughts.

Fear of core updates?

I was a blogger and I knew that Google's search logic is changing every day. Among them, there are big logic changes about three times a year, called core updates. The March 2019 core update had a huge impact on many bloggers. A blogger has said that the number of searches has dropped dramatically and hundreds of thousands of incomes have been lost.

Google is customer-first, so I thought I'd write a valuable article on the rabbit. Even if Google is skewed by profit, I think that a more customer-first search engine will become popular at that time.

Future Initiatives

I wonder if the influx of SNS will increase.

I dared not to notify Twitter and FaceBook of blog updates. This is because I felt that it didn't fit my purpose, and I was embarrassed to be known to people close to me that I was doing that. In the meantime, I saw a tweet to the effect that the self-consciousness is disturbing the person's success. I thought that there was a point in this.

It is stupid that I can not transmit my thoughts because I am overconscious, so I think that I will actively use SNS to send out my thoughts.

Let's think to the point where it delivers

In his lecture, "Kincon Nishino-san"(he is Japanese comedian) said that even if he created a book of tremendous quality, if he could not create a lead to deliver it properly, it would be the same thing as abandoning childcare.

I certainly thought that was true. It is a miso in front, but I think that there are people who touch my blog and say that a flash is born. So, I will try various methods and spread the blog to the world.


I wrote the history leading up to 100 posts when it was Guigui, was it helpful? If you're just starting out with a blog, you'll need trial and error, but I recommend continuing anyway. Thank you for browsing. So, then(^^)/

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